Unity 7 updated in Trusty Tahr with refined spread mode

Ubuntu 14.04 ships by default Unity 7.x, Unity version seeing optimizations and refinements on a constant basis, development focus more and more strengthening the versatile solid desktop environment.

Unity 7 has been updated in Trusty to a minor-yet-interesting release, bringing a refined spread mode, making the spread action more clear and intuitive.

How to easily display the username on the Unity panel in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default Unity 7, powerful desktop environment permitting numerous actions via the Dash and the Unity launcher, as well as displaying relevant user and system informations.

As part of the latter, Unity panel displays several indicators, allowing the user to easily observe the time and date, adjust the sound level, disable networks, essentially, an important bundle of details.

Unity 7 updated in Ubuntu 13.10 with new fixes and optimizations

Only-days is the interval left until the exciting release of Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu version presenting itself as powerful, stable and optimized.

During the latest days and spanning in the upcoming days, the developers are refining and strengthening various issues and minor bugs, in order to deliver the now-famous level of quality of Ubuntu releases achieved by experienced engineers filtered through a solid quality-dedicated Ubuntu team.

Unity 7.1.2 landed in Ubuntu 13.10 with fixes and optimizations

Across the latest six months, Saucy Salamander has been subjected to both new features and optimizations, latter aimed at further solidifying Ubuntu 13.10, in order to provide a high level of stability and performance.

Packed with new features, Unity 7 has also been targeted by fixes and optimizations, presenting itself as more strengthened, offering to the users a fast, fluid and powerful desktop environment.

Unity 7.1.2 has been released, landing in Ubuntu 13.10 via the regular updates, adding new fixes to the previous 7.1.1 version.

Ubuntu 13.10's Alt+Tab Switcher received enable/disable support for mouse pointer

Along with the Dash and the useful Unity launcher, Ubuntu ships by default the Alt+Tab Switcher, handy manner of cycling through opened applications by simply hitting the keyboard's Alt+Tab keys.

Weeks ago, Ubuntu 13.10's Alt+Tab Switcher was enriched with mouse support, meaning, by default, pressing on Alt+Tab, retains the mouse pointer on the screen, pointer capable of acting on the Alt+Tab Switcher (like for example, selecting contained thumbnails).

Unity 7 updated with accurate optimized app-installation animation in Ubuntu 13.10

Months and months ago, the app-installation process was implemented in relation with both Ubuntu Software Center and Unity, process aimed at delivering a more integrated, visible app-installation manner in Ubuntu.

In Ubuntu 13.04, installing an application via Ubuntu Software Center, expresses the installation process (mainly its completed, successful state) via an animation where the icon flies from within Ubuntu Software Center, physically landing on the Unity launcher.

Ubuntu 13.10 received scope-colorization support

Under the Smart Scopes project, Ubuntu 13.10 has received a significant number of scopes (data sources), among which Wikipedia, deviantART, Audacious, etc, extending the Dash's search capabilities with numerous local sources and online services.

As a consequence, the Dash exposes in Saucy Salamander the scopes similarly to applications, meaning, under Unity Applications lens, the user can hassle-free observe the available scopes, as well as having the 1-click away possibility of enabling/disabling scopes via their dedicated Previews.