Ubuntu 13.04 to feature the 3.8 Linux kernel

Ubuntu Developer Summit is a bi-annual official Ubuntu event, event that gathers developers, community members, widely known companies and interested-in-Ubuntu persons, event organized with properly talking about, organizing and planning up-to-date Ubuntu issues, goals, to-be-implemented software, etc, in mind.

Days ago, Ubuntu Developer Summit R reached its end, generating numerous exciting news, related to a wide range of Ubuntu parts and topics.

Jason Warner, Ubuntu Desktop Manger, at UDS-R: "We're going to stick with Nautilus"

Weeks ago, Nautilus 3.6 (3.5.9x) landed in Quantal Quetzal, introducing an overall refreshed application, featuring a refined look, monochrome icons, new features, as well as a solid development attention (aimed at and implementing a fresh Nautilus version).

Shortly, the 3.6 Nautilus was removed from Ubuntu 12.10 (at that moment, an in-progress Ubuntu version), due to the mentioned new changes and especially related to an improper integration with the Ubuntu desktop (including a menu housed by a "cog", HUD's inabillity to reach Nautilus' menus, etc).

Valve's Drew Bliss at UDS-R: "Ubuntu was the very obvious choice"

Powerful games are, according to numerous users and developers (including Mark Shuttleworth), one of the most expected/demanded/requested landing in the Ubuntu world (since the beginning of Ubuntu).

Is is now a common fact that the developers have started a serious work on bringing more and more games to Ubuntu, such as the Humble Bundle, Electronic Arts', etc, calming the "waves" of the vividly-requesting gaming-interested users.

UDS-R official discussion: ALPHAs and BETAs to be completely ditched, only a BETA and the final release to remain

Raring Ringtail

Ubuntu Developer Summit R is in progress this week and, along with keynotes, announcements, etc, interesting news have started to land in the public "arena", news bearing highly-relevant goals, especially related to the upcoming Raring Ringtail.

As we have seen across the Ubuntu's development cycles, the developers structured the development effort around milestones, such as ALPHA, BETA 1, BETA 2, RC 1, etc.

Mark Shuttleworth talks Valve, Nexus 7 and future goals at UDS-R keynote

Ubuntu Developer Summit is an exciting series of events (focused on establishing, discussing, planning to-be-followed directions for Ubuntu), Summit featuring (at its beginning) a keynote conducted by Mark Shuttleworth.

Along with Mark Shuttleworth's opinions about the Ubuntu community, congratulations oriented towards developers and users, etc, the mentioned keynote usually bears exciting announcements (especially related to what-when-where is to land in the upcoming Ubuntu release).

UDS-R's registrations available


Ubuntu Developer Summit is an exciting biannual event that gathers numerous community members, as well as Ubuntu developers, user from around the world, cloud engineers, etc, with the main purpose of planing and sketching the next Ubuntu version.

UDS features and touches a vast amount of topics, ranging from Thunderbird goals, GNOME software stack, user interface improvements, etc, to more technical areas like cloud development, kernel enhancements, basically, an event suitable for both regular user and versed developers.