UDS started with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote

Hours ago, the in-progress virtual UDS started, bringing another bundle of interesting video sessions available for people all over the world.

Unity, Mir, app development, Juju, as well as plans, to-land features and cutting-edge discussions, are among the topics being covered in the next three days.

The August's UDS started with an introduction conducted by Ubuntu's Jono Bacon, introduction followed by the Mark Shuttleworth's keynote, online keynote offering an enjoyable perspective on things past, present and future.

Tomorrow, August 27th, starts Ubuntu Developer Summit with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote

Ubuntu Developer Summit is an exciting official event gathering numerous developers, professionals, company representatives, etc, into an open discussion, where plans, goals, approaches related to the upcoming months' Ubuntu development are presented and explained.

Months ago, the UDS was shifted to a video-based online attitude, therefore, users from all over the world are now able to hassle-free watch the video sessions and thus learn, find out about exciting upcoming features and major changes in Ubuntu.

The next UDS will happen August 27th - August 29th 2013

Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is an exciting official event where the Ubuntu developers are gathered and organized in explanatory video-sessions, in order to present upcoming features, strategies and goals for Ubuntu.

The developers have announced that the next UDS will be conducted from August 27th 2013 to August 29th 2013 (2PM UTC - 8PM UTC).

The upcoming August's UDS will continue the months-ago-introduced online attitude, being expressed via Google+ Hangouts, as well as IRC channels and publicly-displayed blueprints.

The second online UDS reached its completion with more than 100 successful video-sessions

Today, the 16th of May 2013, the second online UDS reached its completion, proving itself as successful with interesting sessions, numerous developers, numerous teams and an overall massive amount of openly-presented informations.

Ubuntu SDK, Core Apps, Unity 8 on Mir, Ubuntu Server, community roundtables, desktop polish are among the topics thoroughly addressed by the developers, online event accessible via Google+ to interested users from across the world with zero requirements (like for example, account requirements).

Unity 8 running on Mir for the Saucy desktop discussed at UDS

Mir and Unity 8 are software currently targeted for development, strengthening and refining, software that is to be the base for Ubuntu's exciting converged experience.

While at the online Ubuntu Developer Summit, the developers behind Ubuntu Touch, Mir and Unity 8 have been gathered into a video-session with the purpose of listing a set of probable availabilities of the mentioned Ubuntu components related to Saucy Salamander.

Chromium, as potential default web-browser, discussed at UDS

Ubuntu 13.04 ships by default Firefox, powerful web-browser that incorporates numerous features and non-default add-ons.

In the same time, via Ubuntu Software Center, the user is able to install Chromium, an open-source fast web-browser featuring numerous functionalities and non-default add-ons.