[Ubuntu in the wild] Quadrotor-based Swarm movie uses Ubuntu

30 million users are utilizing Ubuntu, modern operating system capable of powering the tiniest ultra-portable laptops, as well as dense cloud environments, OS utilized by CEOs in live keynotes and supermodels adding yet-another globally-consumed ad.

Moreover, across the latest years, Ubuntu has been adopted by more and more professional environments ranging from scientific communities demoing the now's cutting-edge technologies to artists and producers harnessing the reliability and quality of Ubuntu when creating artistic items.

[Ubuntu in the wild] US Air Force uses Ubuntu

Brazil, Germany, Colombia, France are among the countries filling the users' detailing of cases of Ubuntu's usage in projects, public initiatives, natural decisions, etc, Ubuntu more and more advancing in the users' homes, work places and relevant areas.

Along with users from all over the world, Ubuntu has seen a spectacular adoption in research-wise environments, spanning universities, futuristic projects and cutting-edge bold potentialities.

[Ubuntu in the wild] Guatemala's Patzun uses Ubuntu

Fast, optimized and beautiful are qualities imprinted in Ubuntu, modern operating system covering all areas of the globe from the frosty Antarctica to the tropical regions of mankind, operating system capable of satisfying a massive range of necessities: playing games, creating books, editing images, deploying services in the cloud, performing presentations, etc.

[Ubuntu in the wild] MIT uses Ubuntu

30 million users are using Ubuntu, users, companies, state departments, game developers, experienced engineers and cutting-edge scientists have been adopting Ubuntu in the latest years as their operating system of choice.

By looking on the web and at the vast media, one is to notice Ubuntu's adoption in scientific environments, too, research communities interested in fulfilling futuristic goals and concepts with the help of Ubuntu, operating system fearlessly pushed forward as the holder of critical data necessary to and required by the from-the-future projects.

[Ubuntu in the wild] Mercedes-Benz uses Ubuntu

30 million users are using Ubuntu for school projects, online shopping, reading novels, creating 3D objects, editing images, playing games, etc, group of Ubuntu users covering artists, field workers, PHDs, essentially, covering the whole spectrum of life.

As seen across the latest years, Ubuntu has also a built-in magnet for scientific and research communities, being adopted and used in academic and research environments all over the globe, areas shaping, testing and finally creating the future.

French Gendarmerie deployed Ubuntu on 37,000 machines, in 2014 to extend Ubuntu on 72,000 desktops

The world, as it is now, uses in massive percentages proprietary software, including both proprietary operating systems and their contained and compatible-with tools (editors, web-browsers, players, etc).

Yet, as seen across the latest years, more and more organizations, companies and state departments have been traversing significant migrations from proprietary software to free open-source alternatives, managing to drastically reduce the costs required by licenses, while enjoying open-source software with its associated freedom, power and innovation.

[Ubuntu in the wild] Ubuntu unites a family's computer experience

In the Ubuntu ecosystem (Google+, identi.ca, Twitter, Ubuntu forums, blogs, etc) it is common, natural to say: "I use Ubuntu", environments where the usage of Ubuntu is the very ground of communication between users.

Yet, Ubuntu-passionate users have parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, colleagues, school friends, human beings not necessarily using Ubuntu, perhaps not being even aware of the existence of Ubuntu.

[Ubuntu in the wild] Ubuntu Touch developer witnessed in supermarket discussion between two persons about dogfooding Ubuntu Touch

At the moment, Ubuntu is being constructed as a family of interfaces, namely, gathering under the Ubuntu converged's umbrella support for multiple form factors and interfaces (desktops, phones, tablets, etc).

Ubuntu Touch is currently the expression of the converged vision (to be further developed, refined and optimized in the upcoming months), Ubuntu Touch with a now's attention on delivering a stable version of an OS for smartphones.

[Ubuntu in the wild] Brave teacher organized students in repair-and-donate-Ubuntu-computers team

Ubuntu is a powerful, versatile and solid operating system used across the Earth.

Along with its no-compromise software, Ubuntu features built-in values of humanity, including openness and sharing, carrying for and helping other human beings, values not merely conceptually expressed, but rather fully lived by real people on real day-to-day situations.