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How to remove apt cache, old kernels and unwanted packages in Ubuntu 13.10

Usually, after installing a fresh new Ubuntu, the user starts installing applications and updating the modern operating system, in order to benefit the latest versions of security fixes, utilities, browsers, etc.

Yet, the mentioned process accumulates packages that occupy a significant size on the harddisk, space that can be used for meaningful purposes, situation applicable especially to users having low-sized harddisks.

Ubuntu Tweak and Unity Tweak Tool, powerful tweaking applications for Ubuntu 13.10

Days ago, Ubuntu 13.10 was released, bringing into the open yet-another exciting Ubuntu release rooted in quality, speed and agility.

Ubuntu 13.10 ships a sane optimized set of default applications, apps located, presented and accessible with carefully-selected interactions, features and behaviors.

Yet, Ubuntu is fully configurable, permitting an in-depth tweaking of its features and components, in order to satisfy a wide range of preferences and requirements.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.6 released with Ubuntu 13.10 support and improvements

Ubuntu Tweak is a powerful, advanced tweaking tool featuring a massive amount of functionalities and tweakable options, permitting an in-depth tweaking of the desktop via a clear, clean interface.

Font sizes, GTK+ themes, Unity launcher, quicklist editor, kernel removals are among the abilities contained by Ubuntu Tweak, abilities covering the whole of the powerful Ubuntu desktop.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 released with improved Ubuntu 12.10 support and improvements

Changing a GTK+ theme, selecting a desktop font, enabling only a close button on the titlebar, removing old kernels, etc, are actions that can be hassle-free achieved via Ubuntu Tweak, a powerful tweaking utility designed with 1-click away exposing a massive amount of confirmation options in mind.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 has been released, further optimizing previously added fresh features.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8 released with new Apps category

Change the GTK+ theme, select a different font, disable the shortcut hint overlay, enhance Unity launcher quicklist, etc, are actions grouped inside Ubuntu Tweak, a "global" utility that incorporates a massive amount of configuration options, options helped by a handy Overview (displying the computer's hardware and software details) and a useful Janitor (from where the user can easily clear the system's cache).