Ubuntu Touch Core Apps rendered as fancy gource animation

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps is an official project gathering a significant amount of core applications aimed (initially) at phones: Weather App, Music App, Shorts App, Calculator App are among the core applications recently reaching a usable state.

Numerous core applications have been subjected across the latest months to a vivid development road, gaining feature after feature, as well as polished visuals and optimized behaviors.

Core Apps' Music App (re)enabled on the desktop, shows impressive look & feel

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps is an official project where a set of core applications has been developed across the latest months, resulting several core apps reaching their 1.0 stage (recently), apps initially aimed at phones, then (currently) following tablets and desktops.

Under the Core Apps' umbrella, there is Music App, too, music application redefining beauty on the web, application taking the player metaphor to new grounds, app setting a new standard of elegance and class.

Calendar App adds initial QtOrganizer and EDS support

Under the meaningful umbrella of Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, across the latest months, new features and professional designs have been added to numerous core applications, including Weather App, Music App, Shorts Apps, etc, transforming the apps into usable and beautiful Ubuntu SDK applications.

Yet, simultaneously, the visuals and user-visible features have been paired with solid under-the-hood additions, as in the case of the newly-updated Calendar App.

Music App reached 1.0 version

Months and months have successfully passed since the announcement of Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, official project where a solid passionate mix of third-party developers, Ubuntu coders and professional Ubuntu designers has so-pushed feature after feature into File Manager App, Shorts App, Weather App, etc, core applications aimed at Ubuntu converged, yet, initially,--their near-future stable release--, aimed at phones.

Clock App reached 1.0 version

Passion, vitality and determination have been the layers constructing Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, official project where third-party developers, Ubuntu coders and Ubuntu designers have created a set of core applications, creation following a full-spectrum road: initially, the core apps have been imprinted in sketches and mockups, then gradually feature after feature have been added, overall development starting to generate 1.0 versions of several core applications.