The Weather Channel to provide Ubuntu Touch-specific weather application

Weeks ago, Ubuntu for phones reached its 1.0 version, version marking a usable status in the in-progress road of Ubuntu Touch, progress that is to materialize Ubuntu for phones as available in stores from all over the world.

Moreover, the Ubuntu developers are working on broadening the availability of various apps on Ubuntu Touch, in order to permit to users to enjoy a wide and diverse range of applications, tools and utilities.

Third-party creative artist shares interesting Ubuntu-for-phones Primus concept

The Ubuntu universe is a vivid energetic environment where persons from all over the world are gathering in sharing passion, appreciation for freedom, tips, recommendations, as well as personal creations.

In the latter fits perfectly the Primus concept, too, namely, a third-party creation expressing a potential look of an Ubuntu for phones phone.

Ubuntu for phones reached first official release, successfully extends Ubuntu's family of operating systems

Hours ago, Ubuntu 13.10 stable was released, Ubuntu version marking another exciting step in delivering speed, fluidity and reliability to users from all over the world.

The 13.10 release adopts a full-spectrum approach, making available new releases for desktops, servers, cloud and core products, as well as introducing the first official release of Ubuntu for phones.

Ubuntu Touch continues to inspire with its already-famous Ubuntu Touch style

January 2013, Canonical announced Ubuntu Touch and the bundle of next-generation components aimed at phones, tablets, desktops, essentially, next-generation Ubuntu introducing a modern, innovative experience featuring a family of interfaces capable, suitable and developed accordingly for the world's relevant form factors.

Presently, the developers are working on Ubuntu Touch, the next-generation Ubuntu designed in mind with populating smartphones, development started months and months ago.

Less than one month until Ubuntu Touch's stable release, images available for testing

Across the latest months, Ubuntu Touch has received new features on a constant fruitful basis, being progressively shifted from a concept to real code with powerful features and polished look & feel.

The developers announced that Ubuntu Touch has entered into a just-a-month-until-release stage, being now testable, in oder to be further strengthened until its upcoming stable release.

Work on implementing MTP in Ubuntu Touch started with interesting achievements

Since months and months ago, the developers have been working on fully erecting, then stabilizing and solidifying the foundation of the upcoming Ubuntu converged.

Initially, the development's energy and focus are currently addressing Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu Touch that is to see a stable release in the upcoming months.

Moreover, along with stability and new features, the developers have already started to so-implement interesting under-the-hood (with user-visible ramifications) capabilities for Ubuntu Touch, as in the case of MTP support.

Content Hub landed in Ubuntu 13.10's universe, video-demoed with interesting capabilities

Since months and months ago, the developers have been working on Ubuntu's mobile side, development energy aimed at delivering a stable mobile-based Ubuntu experience in the upcoming months.

As a consequence, the developers have followed a double-sided approach: on one hand, there is the fruitful focus on user-visible applications (including Web Browser App, Gallery App, etc), on the other hand, there is a solid in-progress work on creating, refining and finely tuning under-the-hood components, including related to battery life and solid-as-a-rock security.

Ubuntu Touch's first run tour video-demoed with interactive animated look & feel

Care for detail and user-friendliness are values cherished and featured by Ubuntu, operating system characterized across the latest years as user-centric and constantly-attentive on translating its power, reliability and features into an easily-graspable language.

Ubuntu Touch makes no exception, the developers already working on several friendliness-oriented components, as in the case of Meet Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch's first run tour.