ubuntu software center

Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center updated with offline deb-installation support

In Ubuntu, users are able to install software through multiple methods, including the 1-click away manner of installing thousands of applications via Ubuntu Software Center, as well as the ability to install DEB packages via the terminal.

Ubuntu Software Center proves itself handy, intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the user to search through, learn about, grasp and install applications, yet, in Ubuntu 13.04, the user is incapable of installing DEB packages when the Internet connection is non-available.

Third-party developer video-demoes interesting Ubuntu Touch-aimed Ubuntu Software Center mockup

Since the public availability of Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets, the touch-based interfaces have attracted a massive reservoir of creative energy, creativity expressed as wallpapers (both static and dynamic), applications, games, tutorials, non-default Ubuntu Touch support for new and new devices, etc.

Moreover, numerous users have expressed questions, should-bes, opinions, suggestions, related to Ubuntu Software Center for Ubuntu Touch, essentially, inquiring into a USC-like incarnation for the Ubuntu touch OSes.

Steam landed in Ubuntu Software Center

Months ago, the Ubuntu community witnessed the exciting news of the upcoming arrival of Steam on Ubuntu, news shortly followed by Valve's testing process, where interested gamers received access to ALPHA and BETA stages of Steam for Linux.

Just now, the Steam client landed in Ubuntu Software Center, allowing users to install the powerful gaming software via the easiness of the Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu Software Center 5.3.9 released with Dash Search Plugins, dedicated lens category (Ubuntu 12.10)

Accessing local documentation, search through Wikipedia, list online-based pictures, access news, etc, are actions doable via lenses, handy Dash additions that gather both local and online data being hassle-free available for users, in situations like opening the Help lens, typing compiz, and clicking (and thus opening) the displayed local and online items.

How to easily upload up-to-date app screenshots into Ubuntu Software Center (non-technical Ubuntu contribution)

Usually, installing software in Ubuntu is performed via Ubuntu Software Center, a user-friendly "global" app, that allows the user to hassle-free install software (utilities, tools, games, documents, etc) by opening USC, typing a preferred word in the search area and clicking install.

Ubuntu is constantly gaining newcomers, freshmen that are gradually grasping Ubuntu "mysteries" and a basic set of knowledge, bundle of Ubuntu specific bits required for an optimal operating system usage.

Precise's Ubuntu Software Center adds two new video specifications-"enabled" apps

Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu 12.04's Ubuntu Software Center introduced (or accepted), weeks ago, video playing support directly inside Ubuntu Software Center in the application's detail view, approach used, first, by a new commercial game.

It is now clear that the mentioned ability is not singular, but, on the contrary, various developers have started to land their applications by taking the complete specifications "road", in the sense of using all that is available to be used for describing, advertising, pointing out, etc unique aspects of a particular game or utility.