Unity 8 demoed inside emulator with in-progress exciting capabilities

Vigorous fruitful development is an attribute of Ubuntu converged, since its public announcement in January 2013, the developers have been working on creating a massive amount of components that are to finally merge into one experience: Ubuntu converged.

Ubuntu for phones, Ubuntu for tablets, Ubuntu SDK, Unity 8, Mir have been progressively developed and enriched, development energy incarnating recently the 1.0 version of Ubuntu for phones.

Ubuntu UI Toolkit Gallery updated with multiple-selections implementation and numerous optimizations

Almost one year ago, Canonical publicly announced Ubuntu for phones, Ubuntu for tablets, Unity 8, Mir, Ubuntu converged, as well as starting the work on creating Ubuntu SDK.

During the latest months, Ubuntu's SDK has gained solidity and reliability, being more and more suitable for app creation, SDK offering to the world numerous benefits and advantages, among which pre-made professionally-designed visuals.

New development website, more unitary app-creation approach and solidified Ubuntu SDK paired with today's first release of Ubuntu for phones

Almost a full year of public development on creating, putting together and making available the pieces of the next-generation Ubuntu, period of time when Ubuntu for phones, Ubuntu for tablets, Ubuntu SDK, Unity 8 and Mir have been announced and gradually brought to fruition in the open.

Today stands as an important day in the history of Ubuntu, October 17th when Ubuntu successfully received as a first-class citizen a new addition, namely, the first official release of Ubuntu for phones.

Learn to package HTML5 games via Ubuntu SDK with freshman-friendly tutorial

The next-generation Ubuntu comes with a dedicated SDK, Ubuntu SDK permitting the creation of both complex and lightweight applications for several form factors, needs and demands.

HTML5 is, along with Qt/QML, a first class citizen in Ubuntu's development kit, allowing developers to develop a wide range of application types ranging from converters and players to web applications and games.

QML received in-progress Go language support

Months ago, Canonical announced and successfully introduced in the open the next-generation approach for the next-generation applications of Ubuntu, approach shortly after shifted to real day-to-day additions, refinements, etc, overall development process progressively extending further both capabilities and functionalities of Ubuntu's upcoming converged experience.

MineSweeper Touch enriched with beautiful Suru elements

Design is a vital part of Ubuntu's next-generation components, design being progressively yet-already-visible implemented in areas, elements, widgets, etc, overall design energy taking the next-generation components of Ubuntu to a superior, modern, innovative level.

Part of the official design process is Suru, essentially, a set of visual patterns expressed through colored backgrounds, interesting shapes and chic, stylish blocks, resulting (when utilized) truly beautiful applications.

Ubuntu SDK adds new fancy selectors

Ubuntu SDK is the ground on which the next-generation components of Ubuntu converged are being developed, refined and strengthened via a fruitful constantly-improved basis.

Ubuntu UI Toolkit Gallery is a handy useful application that exposes numerous Ubuntu SDK components, permitting to interested third-party developers to easily and accurately observe Ubuntu SDK pieces with visuals, replicated behavior and relevant web-links.

Ubuntu SDK's buttons refreshed with optimized sizes

Phones, tablets and desktops will be powered by Ubuntu converged in the upcoming future.

Along with Unity 8, Mir, Notify OSD NG, Ubuntu SDK plays a critical role in Ubuntu converged, allowing both Ubuntu developers and third-party developers to build both Ubuntu's next-generation components and third-party applications.