The Weather Channel to provide Ubuntu Touch-specific weather application

Weeks ago, Ubuntu for phones reached its 1.0 version, version marking a usable status in the in-progress road of Ubuntu Touch, progress that is to materialize Ubuntu for phones as available in stores from all over the world.

Moreover, the Ubuntu developers are working on broadening the availability of various apps on Ubuntu Touch, in order to permit to users to enjoy a wide and diverse range of applications, tools and utilities.

Third-party creative artist shares interesting Ubuntu-for-phones Primus concept

The Ubuntu universe is a vivid energetic environment where persons from all over the world are gathering in sharing passion, appreciation for freedom, tips, recommendations, as well as personal creations.

In the latter fits perfectly the Primus concept, too, namely, a third-party creation expressing a potential look of an Ubuntu for phones phone.

New development website, more unitary app-creation approach and solidified Ubuntu SDK paired with today's first release of Ubuntu for phones

Almost a full year of public development on creating, putting together and making available the pieces of the next-generation Ubuntu, period of time when Ubuntu for phones, Ubuntu for tablets, Ubuntu SDK, Unity 8 and Mir have been announced and gradually brought to fruition in the open.

Today stands as an important day in the history of Ubuntu, October 17th when Ubuntu successfully received as a first-class citizen a new addition, namely, the first official release of Ubuntu for phones.

Ubuntu for phones reached first official release, successfully extends Ubuntu's family of operating systems

Hours ago, Ubuntu 13.10 stable was released, Ubuntu version marking another exciting step in delivering speed, fluidity and reliability to users from all over the world.

The 13.10 release adopts a full-spectrum approach, making available new releases for desktops, servers, cloud and core products, as well as introducing the first official release of Ubuntu for phones.

Ubuntu Touch core apps to probably reach "alpha-level release" on "mid-May" 2013

Currently, there is happening a serious development work on designing, creating and strengthening 11 core applications for Ubuntu Touch.

Among the focused-on apps, there are Calculator, Clock, Weather, etc, apps that have already received both design and real code, progressive road that constantly enriches and refines the now-interesting applications.

Ubuntu designer Christina Li presents the Weather app's design process

Swiping gestures, fully-usable screen edges, handy indicators, multiple views, are among the features offered by Ubuntu for phones, overall polished interface that set the touch-based Ubuntu operating system as an object attracting a massive amount of positive reactions.

Moreover, currently, there is happening a serious process of enlarging Ubuntu for phones' core applications, process traversing multiple stages, including sketching, design and code implementation.

Ubuntu for phones' Clock core-app sees new fancy additions based on official designs

From its very beginning, Ubuntu for phones introduced a beautiful interface with polished visual elements, subtle animations, fancy menus, etc, overall interface rooted into a design-based skilfully-crafted look & feel.

Presently, the phone operating system is undergoing a serious process of gaining core apps, in order to feature (at its official launch) a modern experience with modern applications.

The porting-to-devices work on Ubuntu Touch continues with newly-added support for LG Optimus L9, HP Touchpad and SGS III (Qualcomm TMO)

The beginning of the 2013 year marked a reference point for Ubuntu, the year when Ubuntu enlarged its horizon and vision, namely, the addition of Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets to Ubuntu's family of interfaces.

Just like solid-as-a-rock security, heavily-tested and designed user experience, pixel-perfect polish, etc, converged experience is written on Ubuntu's forehead.

Essentially, the developers are approaching Ubuntu as a numerous full-of-members family, rather than from an only-desktop point-of-view.

Versed Ubuntu designer Mika Meskanen presents with step-by-step informations the design of Clock

Along with excitement and positive feedback, Ubuntu Touch gained, from its very beginning, a serious and continuous development ground, solid base where constantly new and new items are put together.

Weeks ago, the developers announced the start on sketching, designing and creating a set of core applications for the touch-based operating systems, development effort progressively shifted from concepts to real code (currently, work in progress).