How to easily share items with Ubuntu One in a matter of seconds

In the busy world of the present, content is centered as vital in numerous and numerous situations, content (images, books, clips, etc) necessary to be shared across the web with friends, colleagues, managers, school representatives, etc.

Ubuntu ships by default Ubuntu One, powerful service allowing the user to store data in the cloud, as well as to share items with users by providing a sharing link.

The new Ubuntu One accounts enabled for public consumption

Weeks ago, Canonical announced the upcoming increased role of Ubuntu One's brand, Ubuntu One accounts to centralize all users' online accounts under a singular umbrella.

The mentioned feature strengthens the Ubuntu One's identity by gathering all online accounts under a singular account, therefore allowing users to enjoy Ubuntu-related online services via a single user account.

Canonical announces the next generation of user accounts: Ubuntu One accounts to centralize all user online accounts

Months and months ago, Canonical announced Ubuntu's upcoming converged experience, essentially, a singular Ubuntu operating system that is to power phones, tablets, desktops, TVs, etc.

Moreover, it seems that Canonical is shifting its entire infrastructure to a converged model, model centralizing multiple-yet-related functionalities under a one-and-only roof.

Naturally, there are multiple benefits, including the ability to use a certain item to use, manage and access multiple services.

Ubuntu One Music Store's Rhythmbox plugin to be removed in Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.04

In Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.10, users are able to browse, search for and preview (listening portions of songs) music-related items via Rhythmbox, Ubuntu's default music player.

Ubuntu One Music Store comes with a solid, properly categorized music store, allowing users to easily search for and preview preferred music tracks, albums, artists, etc, via a clear, intuitive banner-enabled Web interface.

Ubuntu One for Mac OS X stable released

Installing Ubuntu, the user, along with a wide and diverse set of functionalities, gets access to Ubuntu One, a powerful versatile application that connects one's computers and devices, allowing users to save to, sync from and publish items, etc, via Ubuntu One.

Ubuntu One updated with fancy Photos tab (Web interface)

While embracing the IT world, one searches through, asks, learns about, inquires into matters that are important (to one's daily workflow, job, school, etc), usually followed by discovering operating systems, some of them rooted into specific features, abilities, skills, etc, while other OSes translating the computer-related metaphor into a full complete language.

Ubuntu One for Mac OS X available for download (BETA stage)

Ubuntu ships by default Ubuntu One, a powerful versatile tool that allows users to save items in the cloud and sync them across multiple machines, while benefiting a full-fledged desktop integration (via Ubuntu One Control Panel, an application suitable for both observing files, folders, used space amount, etc, and also tweaking various configuration options).

Ubuntu One's Share links adds enhanced clickable Search files

Ubuntu ships by default Ubuntu One, a powerful online service that allows the user to synchronize data (images, video clips, archives, etc) across multiple computers, as well as publishing (and thus sharing) items in a matter of seconds, action followed (when performed) by obtaining a public published file link; the mentioned link can be copied & pasted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Weeks ago, Ubuntu One Control Panel (the desktop interface containing both configuration options and account details) received a handy highly-usable Share links addition.