Open-for-participation official event Ubuntu Touch Core Apps Hack Days starts tomorrow, July 10th

Transparency and community participation are core values of Ubuntu, values transcending worked-towards form-factors, countries, social status, etc.

Perfectly fitting in the above-presented core values is the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps project, where Calendar, Music, Clock, Calculator, Weather, Sudoku Touch, RSS Feed Reader, File Manager, Document Viewer, Terminal, Dropping Letters and Stock Ticker are the result of a fruitful collaboration between third-party developers, Ubuntu coders and Ubuntu designers.

Ubuntu's mobile experience to be demoed and presented at July 15th's London-based "New Davids challenge incumbent Goliaths" mobile-related event

It is impressive how Canonical is approaching the world in relation to Ubuntu's mobile experience, approaching media, code development, bold decisions, courageous management, etc, overall action encompassed by a day-to-day communication with the outside world.

On July 15th 2013, there is happening an interesting event, Mobile Monday London, event centering "New Davids challenge incumbent Goliaths" as the main event theme.

Ubuntu Bug Day open to interested participants on January 17th 2013

Sometimes, across the warm and friendly Ubuntu community, there are persons asking about, searching for and inquiring into Ubuntu (as a community and project), inquiry sometimes followed by how-can-I-contribute-to-Ubuntu initiatives.

Translations, ideas, mockups or spreading the word, are among the activities that one can perform in order (on demand, if interested) to contribute to Ubuntu.

Furthermore, there are already-existing projects created with contribute-to-Ubuntu in mind, such as Ubuntu Bug Day.

Ubuntu developers further push the work on Unity (the game platform)


High-quality games are definitely an aspect highly considered by the Ubuntu developers.

Weeks ago, the developers announced the imminent availability of Ubuntu inside Unity (the game platform), in the sense of incorporating into the upcoming Unity 4.0 the ability to publish games to Linux (Ubuntu), mainly, opening a wide door of powerful games entering in Ubuntu.

Quantal's wallpaper submissions are now open

Wallpaper submissions

Quantal Quetzal is gradually coming to its final release, yet, there are still exciting additions to be strengthened and landed in the default installation, such as the already announced Web Apps, the fancy Previews, etc.

The developers choose wallpapers to be used by default (and thus exposed to millions and millions of users) via a community contest, where, basically, creative users submit wallpapers, wallpapers voted, tested on different screen sizes, resolutions, etc, then landed in the default installation.

Ubuntu App Showdown's community-only voting process opened

Ubuntu App Showdown

Weeks ago, the developers launched an exciting contest, aimed at gathering developers from all over the internets with the main purpose of creating applications that, after being subjected to an official voting process, won prizes.

The until-at-the-moment prizes have been already "transfered" to participants, being presented as gold, silver and bronze, bundle of rewards judged by official non-community members.

Ubuntu App Showdown winners announced (Lightread, Fogger and Picsaw)

Along with the constant work on refining, extending and developing the "internal" Ubuntu development, the developers have started a serious work on gathering third-party efforts in creating applications, apps, after their creation, usually landed in Ubuntu Software Center.

One successful and exciting reaching effort is Ubuntu App Showdown, an official contest where users have taken a 3 weeks-long development journey, with the main purpose of creating applications that, filtered through a voting process, have just received prizes powered by System76 and QT.