ubuntu font

Extend consistency on your desktop by enabling Ubuntu font in VLC

Via Ubuntu Software Center, the user is able to install VLC, powerful versatile media player that offers a robust manner of enjoying movies, TV shows, documentaries, small clips, etc, as expressed through numerous file formats.

As the default font used for subtitles, VLC uses DejaVu Sans, yet, the user can easily select Ubuntu font as the font utilized by subtitles, in order to align the media player to the font featured on the desktop.

Enabling Ubuntu font as VLC's subtitle font can be achieved by:

Ubuntu Mono Font default now in Ubuntu 11.10

The Ubuntu Font family has gained a good-looking shape and landed in Ubuntu 11.10 with its Monospace flavor.

Although Ubuntu Mono (different from Ubuntu Mono icon theme) landed in Oneiric couple of days ago, just now, an update set the Ubuntu Mono as the default Monospace font, consequently it is being used by GNOME Terminal, Gedit, etc.

The default size is 13.

Ubuntu Monospace Font reaches another development phase

Ubuntu features quite a professional font, Ubuntu font, but lacks a monospace flavor that is to arrive in the current developemnet Ubuntu release or in a future one.

What is the state of Ubuntu Monospace font?

First of all, the actual work on Ubuntu Mono font started in August 2010, and, perhaps this long period of time triggered some misunderstandings/concerns or "When will we see Ubuntu Mono on our Ubuntu machine?"-related questions.

Ubuntu font on Nokia 5800 XM (s60v5)

After seeing how cool the Ubuntu font looks on our desktop, we thought to put a little test on it and we could say say one thing :it rocks!!!

Look at the picture and see how awesome is this font on Nokia 5800 XM (s60v5).
If you want to install it on your symbian phone just go to usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family, copy the regular version, create a folder called Fonts on your desktop and drop in it s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf, S60ZDIGI.ttf --you obtain this by renaming the same ubuntu-font 4 times.