Ubuntu and HP delivered 1,5 million laptops in Uttar Pradesh, 28,000 laptops in Assam and 65,000 laptops to University of Delhi

Perhaps since our very existence on this Earth, we, human beings, have constantly divided ourselves in languages, countries, social statuses, traditions, ways of thinking, etc, division expressed in the present as poor and rich countries, affluent societies and lacking-everything cultures, latter where the very bread represents a daily challenge for millions of persons.

Ubuntu-passionate users performed public-event Ubuntu 13.10 InstallFest in Russia's Moscow

On October 17th 2013, a new version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 13.10, was released and made available for public consumption, Ubuntu version further increasing the level of quality, speed and fluidity enjoyed on Ubuntu.

The release of 13.10 has been received with enthusiasm and positive feedback, users expressing feedback about Ubuntu 13.10 all over the web, users usually downloading the installable image of Ubuntu 13.10 and installing it in a personal private space.

Bogota takes active role in promoting Ubuntu, delivers Ubuntu 13.10 CDs and Ubuntu Touch-related conference

30 million users from all over the world are presently using Ubuntu, operating system fully satisfying needs, requirements and demands of cloud, web-browsing, business handling, content editing, as well as being a part of more and more state departments, administrations and domains.

Recently, Ubuntu 13.10 was released, October 17th 2013 delivering a new up-to-date Ubuntu version to the world, event cherished and appreciated by users from around the planet.

Ubuntu+Debian reached 58,5% Linux-distributions web-servers in 2013, after the 2010's 37,1%

Across the latest years, Ubuntu has been characterized by a constant growth, being progressively adopted by more and more users, companies and state departments, Ubuntu powering approximately 30 million users from all corners of the globe.

Social networks, websites, mainstream media and televisions are the witness of Ubuntu's increasing adoption, Ubuntu seen in a massively-diverse range of usage-cases spanning supermodel ads, demos of Mercedes-Benz cars, presentation of NVIDIA's CEO, etc, Ubuntu penetrating all areas of computing, including web-servers.

Canonical sponsors and participates to Qt Developer Days 2013

The year 2013 started with a revolution in the IT world where Canonical announced the (at that moment) upcoming development focus on Qt/QML, technologies used to construct the modern Ubuntu converged.

Canonical has an interesting expansive approach, built-in attribute moving Canonical as creator, supporter and participant to the world's relevant IT events, where Ubuntu technologies and the up-to-date status of the latest trends in Ubuntu are explained, presented and demoed.

The demand for Ubuntu continues to grow, Ubuntu already shipping in India, China, Mexico, USA, Ukraine

Since its beginning, Ubuntu has traversed a colossal full-of-surprises and achievements journey, gradually solidifying its adoption in users' homes, schools, state departments and stores, progressively populating more and more corners of the world.

Beauty, reliability, performance and solid-as-a-rock are attributes that pushed Ubuntu in the world as a major player in the computing ecosystem, Ubuntu featuring approximately 25-30 million users all over the planet.

French Gendarmerie deployed Ubuntu on 37,000 machines, in 2014 to extend Ubuntu on 72,000 desktops

The world, as it is now, uses in massive percentages proprietary software, including both proprietary operating systems and their contained and compatible-with tools (editors, web-browsers, players, etc).

Yet, as seen across the latest years, more and more organizations, companies and state departments have been traversing significant migrations from proprietary software to free open-source alternatives, managing to drastically reduce the costs required by licenses, while enjoying open-source software with its associated freedom, power and innovation.

Ubuntu continues to conquer the world, Ubuntu's Google+ community crossed 100,000 members

Ubuntu is a clear success at a planetary scale: success in the cloud, where is creating and leading innovation, success on the desktop, where it is used by millions of users, success in the mobile area, where is presently incarnating both software and app-development infrastructure, success in the IT world, where it has introduced the first-of-its-kind Ubuntu converged experience.