[Editorial] Ubuntu Edge's number 1 enemy = the immediacy of pleasure

Less than 24 hours ago, Ubuntu Edge finished its Indiegogo campaign failing to reach the complete $32,000,000, yet, clearly proving itself as a colossal success on all levels: funders, supporters, attracted millions of dollars, interest from media and an overall pool of attention across all corners of the web.

But, what is the cause or what are the causes behind Edge's financial failure?

Ubuntu Edge reached more than 26,000 funders on Indiegogo

July 22nd - August 21st 2013 is the time interval when Ubuntu Edge is conducting a challenging Indiegogo funding campaign, where $32,000,000 can bring into the users' lives the magnificent Edge as a real device.

Convergence and truly beautiful look & feel have been playing a magnet-like role, attracting second after second new and new supporters, admirers and overall interested persons from all over the world.

$695 perk purchased by more than 5,000 funders on Indiegogo

Presently, Ubuntu Edge is traversing its last hours on Indiegogo, where Canonical announced and released the modern PC-phone hybrid on a vivid full-of-excitement funding campaign with the goal of reaching $32,000,000.

After several price adjustments and strategy optimizations, the ingenious Ubuntu Edge team removed all perk levels and introduced the almost-impossible-to-believe $695 price per Edge device.

$7,000 "Enterprise starter kit" sees its third purchase on Indiegogo

More than $12,200,000 and counting is the exciting description characterizing Ubuntu Edge on its full-of-challenges yet interesting and ground-breaking funding campaign.

Days ago, by introducing the fixed-price $695 perk, the Ubuntu Edge team has managed to deliver all the beauty, power and capabilities of the Edge for less than $700, incredible price setting the Edge as the best features-price device in the world.

Ubuntu Edge hit more than $12,200,000, 18 hours still available

Less than 1 day available for Ubuntu Edge to reach its complete funding amount on Indiegogo, less than 20 hours still available for persons, companies, teams, developers to contribute to the innovative Edge, in order to complete the Edge's full $32,000,000 funding goal.

As of now, the powerful Edge has attracted more than $12,200,000, impressive funds showing how Ubuntu Edge has successfully expressed a new original state of innovation, a new manner of mixing together hardware and software while centering the user as a first class citizen.

Ubuntu Edge reached more than 4,000 founder-only on Indiegogo

More than $11,000,000 have been already attracted by Ubuntu Edge on its exciting full-of-vitality Indiegogo campaign, campaign presently traversing its last hours towards greater and greater funding heights.

The support for the Edge has been impressive since its announcement, serious portions of the web and media have expressed appreciation, positive reactions and deep serious interest for the convergence-enabled Ubuntu Edge, transforming the Edge into a pool of attention across the whole of the web.