How to render an animated Nyancat into Ubuntu 13.10's terminal

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default GNOME Terminal, command-line utility coming with a spartan look, while featuring numerous functionalities.

Yet, the user is able to easily beautify the terminal with a wide and diverse amount of eyecandy elements, among which Nyancat.

Basically, Animated terminal Nyancat is an interesting utility that renders an animated nyancat into the terminal, imprinting the famous cat and its colorful tail into the terminal.

Elegant terminal backgrounds Glossy Lines 1.1 released with new variations

Glossy Lines is a pack of pleasant enjoyable backgrounds created in mind with enriching the terminal, backgrounds aimed at being used as a background for the terminal.

Essentially, Glossy Lines contains optimized transparent images, images that, when used as a background for the terminal, add an instantly-noticeable gain in terms of look and eyecandy, increasing the terminal's level of beauty.

How to beautify your terminal in Ubuntu 13.10 with Glossy Lines, elegant terminal backgrounds

Glossy Lines is a pack of backgrounds designed in mind with the terminal, backgrounds created to be used as backgrounds for terminals, allowing the user to spice up the spartan terminal.

Essentially, Glossy Lines comes with four variations: Glossy Lines Blue, Glossy Lines Green, Glossy Lines Purple and Glossy Lines Purple without gloss, flavors that are to meet multiple user preferences and tastes.

Be notified by completed terminal commands via Undistract-me, handy terminal functionality

The terminal is a powerful tool useful to deal with, manage and accomplish numerous task types, such as adding PPAs, updating packages, launch applications, unpacking archives, etc, tasks that may utilize both small and long periods of time.

Usually, in our daily workflows, we are simultaneously managing applications, files, Web content, bundle of windows that allows the user to perform complex actions by locating and directing specific tasks per window.

How to easily add fancy terminal backgrounds via Glossy Lines background pack

Adding a PPA, removing a package, copy items to various locations, etc, are actions doable via the GNOME Terminal, powerful app that contains numerous features.

The terminal comes with support for transparency, meaning, the user can easily enable/disable window transparency, as well as selecting a regular image as background.

Glossy Lines is a pleasant-to-the-eye bundle of images, designed with the terminal in mind.

Beautify your terminal with 4 fancy prompts

Ubuntu offers, by default, Ubuntu Software Center for users to deal with software (install, uninstall, etc), System Settings to expose numerous configuration options and GNOME Terminal where more advanced actions are to be performed by both experimented and fresh users (where commands such as ls, cd, rm are easily graspable).

Add a fancy look to your terminal

GNOME Terminal is a tool that be used by both knowledgeable users and newcomers, offering via a spartan sober interface access to numerous commands.

Although the terminal is usually used for its functionalities rather than its look, there are users who prefer to modify its default look&feel in order to please the eye but also to constantly observe various system information when the terminal is launched.

Unleash nyancat in your terminal with Nyancat CLI (Quantal Quetzal)

GNOME Terminal is usually identified as a tool useful to perform serious, in-depth tasks like removing packages, installing kernels, updating the system, etc, nevertheless it seems that its powerful "nature" can be corroborated with funny, pleasant additions.

Nyancat CLI is an interesting tool that renders the notorious Nyancat inside the GNOME Terminal, furthermore it counts the time spent with the running app in the form of You have nyaned for x seconds!.

Fancify your GNOME Terminal with ASCII art

GNOME Terminal is a powerful tool useful for executing various commands, commands that can vary related to the possessed knowledge level and can be used according to one's amount of informations (versed users can use the terminal for a huge base of actions, yet newcomers can use this command line tool to easily add a PPA via copy & paste).

[Quick Tip] !! command makes your terminal painless (repeats commands)

!! command

GNOME Terminal is a powerful tool, but there are little tricks designed to make our life easier.

There are commands that require sudo rights, some of the usual commands known (consequently we enter them in terminal with sudo in front, like, for, instance, sudo apt-get upgrade) and others lesser known (in this case we need to reintroduce the command again preceded by sudo).

!! is a handy command that repeats the last entered command useful for above mentioned cases making one's entering mistakes painless, so, if one types in terminal