System76 launched new Sable Complete All-in-One desktop

System76 is an interesting company dedicated to offering for purchase machines propelled by Ubuntu, machines spanning ultrabooks, laptops, desktops and servers.

System76 has announced the immediate availability of the new Sable Complete All-in-One, computer offering a non-cluttered manner of enjoying a desktop with elegant shapes and an overall stylish look & feel.

As specs, the fresh Sable Complete comes with:

System76 launched new Sable Touch computer

System76 is a company rooted into selling interesting machines powered by Ubuntu, allowing purchasers to directly enjoy laptops, desktops, ultrabooks, etc, installed with Ubuntu as an overall optimized unitary package: the System76 computers are shipped with the latest version of Ubuntu featuring a working out-of-the-box experience.

System76 launched new 17.3" Kudu Professional laptop

System76 is a solid company specialized in selling machines equipped with Ubuntu, machines pre-installed with the latest versions of Ubuntu into an overall tested and optimized computer experience.

System76 has announced the launch of Kudu Professional, a new 17.3 inches laptop incorporating pleasant materials and under-the-hood power; 17.3" matte display, backlit keyboard, elegant fingerprint-resistant surface, thin look & feel come to present the Kudu Professional laptop as an interesting machine.

4-year-old computers installed with Ubuntu and sent by System76 to Project: Community Computers, project specialized in "reusing and recycling computers and bringing technology access to those in need"

Ubuntu is a vivid ecosystem where humanity is located at the very heart of the Ubuntu universe, overall caring-for-others attribute traversing users, developers and companies.

System76 is an experienced company rooted into selling computers powered by Ubuntu, offering laptops, netbooks, servers and desktops to users seeking both powerful and lightweight machines equipped with the latest versions of Ubuntu.

System76 launched the ultraportable Darter UltraThin touchscreen laptop

System76 is a powerful company rooted in delivering solid, robust machines equipped with Ubuntu, machines covering both lightweight and extreme computing demands, machines offering by default the latest versions of Ubuntu into an overall optimized bundle.

System76 has just announced the launch of Darter UltraThin, an interesting touchscreen laptop combining under-the-hood power and good-looks.

System76 launched new Leopard Extreme desktop aimed at extreme performance

System76 is a company specialized in delivering computers powered by Ubuntu, machines optimized for and built in relation to Ubuntu and its latest releases.

System76 has announced the new Leopard Extreme desktop aimed at extreme performance propelled by extreme components and good-looking design; matte dark brushed aluminum, sober-yet-elegant feel and minimalist buttons come to act as a solid visual ground on top of which capable hardware pieces are to harness the power of Ubuntu.

System76 launched 7th generation Bonobo Extreme laptop

System76 announced and made available the seventh generation of Bonobo Extreme, powerful laptop designed with high-performance in mind, while retaining an elegant look.

World's fastest mobile GPU, plenty of RAM memory, massive storage support, carefully-crafted backlit keyboard are among the attributes of the performance-aimed robust Bonobo Extreme.

The seventh-generation Bonobo Extreme comes with:

System76 launched new Enterprise Ubuntu Servers (Eland Pro Pedestal, Jackal Pro 1U and Jackal Pro 2U)

Ubuntu is compatible with and properly works on thousands and thousands of hardware combinations, netbooks, ultrabooks, etc, allowing users from across the world to enjoy its power and pleasant-to-the-eye interface.

Furthermore, during the latest years, serious companies have emerged into the open, centering the versatility and user-friendliness of Ubuntu into optimized, powerful and qualitative machines.