system load indicator

How to observe system components' usage in Ubuntu 13.10 via System Load Indicator

System Load Indicator is a lightweight yet powerful and handy manner of displaying the user's usage of system components on the easiness of the Unity panel.

Basically, System Load Indicator is an appindicator located on the Unity panel that exposes graphs for relevant computer components, such as CPU, RAM, swap, harddisk, network traffic, etc, permitting a hassle-free observation of the usage of the mentioned components in real time.

Easily and reliably monitor your resources with System Load Indicator, handy appindicator

Playing music, rendering video clips, downloading archives, browsing the web are activities that use one's computer resources, including CPU, RAM, network, etc.

System Load Indicator is a lightweight-yet-handy utility that displays the usage of system resources into a user-friendly manner and without requiring advanced performed-by-user actions.

Essentially, System Load Indicator is an appindicator that pairs real-time-updated graphs with character-based resources' measurement.

System Load Indicator 0.2 released with detailed system load

System Load Indicator 0.2

System Load Indicator (or Indicator-Multiload) is, as its name says, an appindicator that exposes your system load (CPU and Memory usage, Download/Upload speeds, etc) by simply clicking it (starting with this 0.2 release).

This new version brings a menu filled with system values to previously charts-only System Load Indicator.

Launch System Load Indicator 0.2 via the Dash ("Autostart" is enabled by default, but you need to launch it on its first time usage).