Synapse 0.2.8 Bombesin released

The versatile semantic launcher, Synapse, has just reached another interesting release, version 0.2.8 Bombesin, months after its precedent release.

What is new in Synapse 0.2.8?

  • new theme, Side Doish

Synapse 0.2.6 released with a new "Do-ish" theme, drag&drop capabilities and "SSH" plugin

Synapse, the semantic launcher, has reached yet another meaningful release, version 0.2.6.

Synapse 0.2.6 brings a Do-like new theme, named "Do-ish" that looks and feels like Gnome Do and the recent Kupfer 205, a squared approach that respects and follow the GTK theme.

Another interesting fact in term of user experience and interaction is the option to drag&drop files from Synapse onto desktop or change the various categories, integrating the mouse interaction with the launcher.