Learn how to write scopes for Ubuntu 13.10 via clear, explanatory and user-friendly tutorial

Cycles ago, Ubuntu's Dash was enriched with lenses and scopes, feature incorporated in Ubuntu 13.04, too.

Starting with Ubuntu 13.10, scopes and lenses will (probably) be renamed to scopes, scopes remaining scopes (like for example, Clementine, Gallica, etc), while lenses becoming master scopes (categories of scopes, such as Social, Code, etc).

Wikispecies scope demoed with handy functionalities

The Dash houses numerous information types, including lenses, scopes, recently-used items, etc, allowing the user to explore and access its system via a fancy, polished and optimized interface.

In Ubuntu 12.10, the developers introduced Unity Previews, allowing users to 1-click away access additional details about previewed items.

Unity Grooveshark scope 0.1 updated with Previews support

Grooveshark is a widely known, used and appreciated online music streaming service, allowing users to enjoy a massive database of music tracks via a clean intuitive web interface, with support for musical genres (such as Ambient, Classical, Dance, Electronic, etc), search-trough, sharing (Google+, Twitter, Facebook), etc.

Unity Grooveshark scope is (as its name says) a handy scope, pushing a solid amount of Grooveshark tracks into the handiness of the Unity Music lens.

Push music tracks into Unity Music lens via Unity Music Extras scopes (support for Audacious, Clementine, Gmusicbrowser, Guayadeque and Musique)

Music plays an important role in our lives, music that, after installing Ubuntu, can be played via Rhythmbox, Ubuntu's default music player.

Nevertheless, along with the recently refreshed Rhythmbox, there are available (via Ubuntu Software Center and/or PPAs) numerous music players, featuring a wide range of functionalities, online services integrations, eyecandy elements, etc.

Unity Utilities lens adds handy wordnik-based Dictionary scope

Words play, aren't they, an important role in our global society, words used in a massive amount all over the world, in places like the web, schools, work areas, etc.

Being a native English speaker or not, one deals with numerous words with numerous meanings, occasions when a versed dictionary is needed, both explaining the basic sense and also various "secondary" meanings, latter facet that, at least across the internets, sometimes plays a more relevant role than the word's basic connotation.

Populate the Dash with movies via RottenTomatoes scope (PPA available)


Unity Utilities lens is a handy addition to the Dash, bringing useful information into Dash's home view along with the already provided used applications, downloads, etc, additions that are exposed on-demand by users searching a quick way of displaying "personal" informations (like for instance meteorologic data about their city), mathematic actions (3444+89888, etc), etc.