Ubuntu 13.10 received readable item-renaming improvement

Recently, the in-development Trusty Tahr received a minor-yet-handy and relevant addition, namely, the optimized manner of renaming files on the desktop.

Ubuntu 13.10 has received new interesting updates, introducing the above-mentioned fix, therefore, removing the anesthetic issue generated when renaming files and folders on the desktop, especially against dark backgrounds, case where the text was practically hidden.

How to enable Workspace Switcher in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 comes with a sane optimized set of default applications and features, allowing the user to enjoy the modern operating system via carefully-selected default tools and utilities, as well as expressing the default software with user-tested capabilities.

Yet, along with the defaults, the user is able to hassle-free tweak Ubuntu by adding various functionalities necessary to satisfy certain demands and requirements, as in the case of Workspace Switcher.

"Mum Tries Out" Ubuntu 13.10

Recently, Ubuntu 13.10 was released, version refreshing Ubuntu with a new up-to-date more optimized experience.

Across the web, numerous users are expressing opinions, recommendations, how-tos, etc, related to Ubuntu, overall feedback offering personal conclusions about Ubuntu, as well as allowing users to discover new things and to enlarge their vision about the powerful operating system as filtered through what other people are saying.

How to easily set default file handlers for music, video and photos in Ubuntu 13.10

User-friendliness is a quality of Ubuntu, operating system that offers a solid sane set of default applications, allowing users to enjoy content (music tracks, images, video clips, online shows, etc) through carefully-selected default applications.

The Ubuntu world is populated with thousands of applications, apps offering features expressed through different looks, manners of performing actions, increased eyecandy level, etc, attributes addressed to numerous preferences, usage-cases and desires.

Familiarize yourself with Ubuntu 13.10 via the handy test drive-like Ubuntu 13.10 online tour

Today, October 17th 2013, Canonical announced, released and made available Ubuntu 13.10, containing six months of development into the optimized Ubuntu 13.10, release that equals the vivid pursue of extended search through a massive amount of data sources, more strengthened level of quality and an instantly-noticeable agility on every corner of the desktop, pursue fully materialized in the available-for-download Ubuntu 13.10.

Ubuntu 13.10 released and available for download

Six months have passed since the previous Ubuntu release, six months full of development incarnated now in the public space as Ubuntu 13.10.

The Saucy Salamander development cycle has been characterized by numerous optimizations and improvements, as well as by new features and an overall increase in stability, reliability and speed.

What is new in Ubuntu 13.10?

Unity 7 updated in Ubuntu 13.10 with new fixes and optimizations

Only-days is the interval left until the exciting release of Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu version presenting itself as powerful, stable and optimized.

During the latest days and spanning in the upcoming days, the developers are refining and strengthening various issues and minor bugs, in order to deliver the now-famous level of quality of Ubuntu releases achieved by experienced engineers filtered through a solid quality-dedicated Ubuntu team.

Unity 7.1.2 landed in Ubuntu 13.10 with fixes and optimizations

Across the latest six months, Saucy Salamander has been subjected to both new features and optimizations, latter aimed at further solidifying Ubuntu 13.10, in order to provide a high level of stability and performance.

Packed with new features, Unity 7 has also been targeted by fixes and optimizations, presenting itself as more strengthened, offering to the users a fast, fluid and powerful desktop environment.

Unity 7.1.2 has been released, landing in Ubuntu 13.10 via the regular updates, adding new fixes to the previous 7.1.1 version.

Ubuntu 13.10 hit Final Freeze

October 17th 2013 is to witness the release of Ubuntu 13.10, stable Ubuntu version coming after six months of heavy development, significant optimizations and numerous improvements.

Hours ago, Ubuntu's Adam Conrad announced the enabled final-freeze state for Saucy Salamander, essentially, officially blocking Ubuntu 13.10's archive, while still allowing specific uploads following certain criteria.