Rhythmbox 3.0 landed in Trusty Tahr with visual refinements

Ubuntu ships by default Rhythmbox, handy music player featuring a clean look with multiple areas, allowing the user to play music tracks, search for items, access online services, etc.

Across its latest releases, Rhythmbox has traversed a road characterized by interesting additions, including visual refinements aimed at improving Rhythmbox's look, feel and usability.

Recently, Rhythmbox 3.0 landed in Trusty Tahr via the regular updates, introducing a pack of pleasant visuals imprinted into several areas, including toolbar and sidebar.

Rhythmbox 2.99 landed in Saucy with refined toolbar, GStreamer 1.0 support and enhancements

Yesterday, the second online Ubuntu Developer Summit reached its end, containing a significant number of sessions related to Saucy Salamander, video-sessions announcing an exciting Ubuntu 13.10 release.

Along with upcoming features, Saucy has already started to receive updated applications, introducing interesting new features.

Rhythmbox 2.99 landed in Saucy via the regular updates, bringing fresh additions and support for up-to-date software.

Ubuntu One Music Store's Rhythmbox plugin to be removed in Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.04

In Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.10, users are able to browse, search for and preview (listening portions of songs) music-related items via Rhythmbox, Ubuntu's default music player.

Ubuntu One Music Store comes with a solid, properly categorized music store, allowing users to easily search for and preview preferred music tracks, albums, artists, etc, via a clear, intuitive banner-enabled Web interface.

Rhythmbox 2.9.8 landed in Ubuntu 13.04 with new import view, enriched desktop notification support and Last.fm / Libre.fm love & ban buttons

Months ago, Rhythmbox landed in Ubuntu, introducing minor yet relevant visual additions, thus refining its interface with properly proportioned controls, polished album art, interesting hover over states, etc, plunging Ubuntu's default music player into a modern music playing experience.

It seems that the mentioned changes are not singular, the recently released Rhythmbox 2.9.8 further continues the work on visible features.

Install the new Rhythmbox 2.9.7 in Ubuntu 12.04 via PPA

Rhythmbox 2.9.7

Days ago, Ubuntu's default music player, Rhythmbox, has been updated to version 2.97, introducing a long-awaited change, in the sense of displaying a refined look with a compact toolbar, properly proportioned control buttons, fancy cover art with pleasant hover over "effect", etc, changes that have definitely imprinted a fresh new overall qualitative look to Rhythmbox.

Rhythmbox 2.9.7 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 with UI changes and podcast enhancements

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS shipped with Rhythmbox as the default music player, continuing the road of the previous LTS and, in the same time, shifting from the popular Banshee to Rhythmbox, change that has triggered a vocal group of "unsatisfied" users.

Along with its "old" crashes and stability problems, Rhythmbox, although acting as a lightweight app, received complaints about its identical user interface across various Ubuntu releases, in the sense of lacking new visual additions, enhancements, polish in newer versions.

Empathy and Rhythmbox received enhanced quicklists in Ubuntu 12.04

Integration is a key-point for Ubuntu 12.04 cycle, where various applications are being tightly integrated into the desktop from a Unity perspective, meaning Unity launcher is an important enhancement to be considered for default applications, as well as optimization of indicators and proper integration into Ubuntu's System Settings (for "crucial" default configuration options).

Rhythmbox has landed as the default media player in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


The latest updates bring Rhythmbox as the default media player in Ubuntu 12.04 and remove Gbrainy and Tomboy.

This approach has been sketched at UDS-P (and is now available as a blueprint on launchpad) and has as a main goal the use of the lightweight GTK+3 Rhythmbox by default until Precise BETA 1, when the developers will review the status of GTK+3 Banshee (at the moment is a GTK+2 application) and will choose Precise's default media player.

Install Clementine, Guayadeque and Rhythmbox scopes in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot (PPA)

Ubuntu 11.10 introduced scopes, useful for providing data sources to lenses, meaning the more scopes a lens has, the more search result you will get

By default, Unity's Music lens allows one to search only for Banshee's music (Banshee is a scope for the Music lens) including songs from Ubuntu One Music Store.

Clementine, Guayadeque and Rhythmbox can also become scopes by simply installing the appropriate packages.