raring ringtail

The default wallpaper pack landed in Ubuntu 13.04

The method of implementing the default wallpaper pack in Ubuntu features an interesting approach: the developers start a call for submissions, interested users submit original wallpapers to a dedicated Flickr place, the developers select a shortlist, the developers refine the shortlist and land the selected wallpapers in Ubuntu by default.

Days ago, the developers announced and published the initial shortlist of wallpapers, wallpapers bearing a pleasant-to-the-eye overall look & feel with landscapes, abstract patterns, captured nature, etc.

The developers announced CALL FOR TESTING for Unity 7, brave testers needed

Ubuntu 13.04 is targeted for solid exciting changes, overall new functionalities that are to further enrich and strengthen Ubuntu.

As part of the mentioned changes, Unity 7 is to land in Raring Ringtail in the near future, version that is to receive the 100 Scopes project, as well as numerous enhancements, optimizations and improvements.

Prior to its official release in Ubuntu 13.04, Unity 7 is currently stressed against tests, in order to isolate, identify and fix Unity 7-related bugs.

Ubuntu 13.04's Online Accounts received per-app ON/OFF switch

Along with powerful offline / locally-based functionalities, Ubuntu comes by default with solid support for online services, allowing users to utilize online services via a handy useful manner.

Meaning, navigating to System Settings' Online Accounts, the user is able to sign into numerous online services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, AIM, Salut, Yahoo!, Jaber, etc, in a matter of seconds and directly from a single view.

Unity Tweak Tool landed in Raring's Ubuntu Software Center

By default, Ubuntu ships a solid set of defaults, applicable to applications, desktop behavior and Unity settings.

Yet, where there are millions of users, there are numerous preferences and filtered-through-one's-needs use-cases, situations handle-able via tweaking tools.

Unity Tweak Tool is a powerful tweaking tool that incorporates a serious bundle of features under an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Raring Ringtail's System Settings received Legal Notice addition

Starting with Ubuntu 12.10, the developers implemented support for online search results directly into the Dash, allowing users to search-for and access online results from Amazon, Ubuntu One Music Store, etc, in / from the Dash home view.

As a consequence, the Dash received a Legal notice addition, clickable area that exposes (when clicked on) a legal notice providing legal-wise terms, as related to online search, collection of data, contact, etc.

Raring Ringtail received optimized window-management feature

Ubuntu offers by default a highly-usable manner of dealing with applications via Unity launcher.

Launching an application, maximizing apps (after being minimized), open a new instance of apps, etc, are actions easily performed via Unity launcher.

Yet, we usually use multiple opened windows of the same application, like for example, in order to complete a certain workflow, the user opens multiple windows of Nautilus (Documents, Videos, Downloads, etc).

Ubuntu Touch's icons grouped under Ubuntu Mobile icons and landed in Raring (available via Ubuntu Software Center)

Along with the powerful desktop, Ubuntu houses Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets, polished innovative interfaces aimed at beautifying tablets and smartphones with touch-based Ubuntu operating systems.

The work on Ubuntu Touch has already started, exposing (currently, in progress) usable applications, such as Weather, Calculator, Calendar, etc.