raring ringtail

Friends service landed in Ubuntu 13.04 by default

Months ago, during an Ubuntu on Air video-session, Ubuntu's Ken VanDine talked about the start on creating a new service for Gwibber, aimed at solidifying Ubuntu's overall social experience.

Weeks after, the developers revealed Friends, the incarnation of a new under-the-hood service that is to power the social aspect of Ubuntu, service written from scratch with performance in mind.

Unity 7.0 landed in Ubuntu 13.04, marks the Raring-specific Unity version

Across the Raring Ringtail development cycle, Unity has received interesting changes, optimizations and features, including refined Unity Previews, Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars support, new lens icons, etc, additions beautifying the modern, intuitive interface.

Yet, the developers approached Ubuntu 13.04's Unity through an interaction behavior point-of-view, too, significantly improving the manner of dealing with the launcher, as well as managing and launching windows (applications).

Ubuntu 13.04 BETA released

In the Raring Ringtail development cycle, the developers decided to ship only a BETA release before the actual stable Ubuntu 13.04 release, consequently, centering the gained development energy into strengthening Ubuntu components.

Raring Ringtail BETA has just been released, freezing the numerous and numerous changes into a BETA stage, allowing users from across the world to grasp, test and observe new features, functionalities, additions and visual polish since the release of Ubuntu 12.10.

Qt5-based apps received appmenu and HUD support in Ubuntu 13.04

Presently in Ubuntu, third-party developers are able to create software with Ubuntu SDK, applications, games, utilities, etc, based on the latest Qt/QML technologies.

Qt Creator is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE), that allows developers to create applications with the Qt application framework; Qt Creator 2.7.0 has already landed in Raring Ringtail, being available via Ubuntu Software Center, 2.7.0 release based on Qt 5.0.1.

Ubuntu 13.04's Unity received illuminated icon states for Trash and storage devices

Sometimes, it seems that minor features are able to draw a clear difference between a regular desktop and a highly-usable desktop, latter that contains worked-on-detail elements, in order to immediately familiarize the user with its features and intentions, as well as removing from the experienced user's shoulders the burden of double/triple-checking certain actions.

Unity can be easily described by the above-presented highly-usable desktop, progressively incorporating new and new design-wise details.

Unity-style shutdown dialogs gained preselected buttons and optimized button position in Ubuntu 13.04

Weeks ago, Ubuntu 13.04 received the exciting Unity-style shutdown dialogs, enriching the Raring desktop with chameleonic Unity-like textures, big-sized monochrome icons, multiple ways of closing the dialogs (clicking on a desktop space, hitting the Escape key, etc).

Yet, since their initial implementation, the Unity-style shutdown dialogs have been constantly polished and worked on details, in order to provide a no-compromise overall experience.