raring ringtail

Unity updated in Raring Ringtail with refreshed clockwise Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu (with Unity) is a versatile, powerful and polished operating system, overall professional OS achieved with a serious look at both critical components and details, work aimed at (and successfully implemented) carefully crafting all Ubuntu components.

Symbols, ideals, concepts, etc, overall patterns created by human beings from the beginning of time, have shaped us, patterns observable in all the aspects of life, including architecture, mathematics, society structure, etc.

Unity updated in Ubuntu 13.04 with performance improvements and smoother Unity Previews animations

Numerous new features have already landed in Raring Ringtail, including fancy animations for Previews, error-tolerant libcolumbus library, new icons for lenses and Ubuntu logo, refined and enriched window-management behavior, etc.

Yet, it seems that high-performance is a current development effort in Ubuntu 13.04, performance enriched in the newly-released Unity 7 (via the regular updates).

How to install the Smart Scopes in Ubuntu 13.04

Months ago, the developers announced the started work on transforming the Dash Home into a powerful versatile search area, in the sense of adding numerous and numerous data sources to the Dash, allowing users to hassle-free search through a vast and diverse amount of scopes (data sources).

Essentially, the Dash Home is to contain data sources ranging from shopping to wikipedia, IMDb and weather forecasts, aiming at incorporating relevant online sources, as perceived at a planetary scale.

The new QML-based Gwibber renamed to Friends-app, available via Ubuntu 13.04's Ubuntu Software Center

The Raring Ringtail development cycle marks a relevant chapter in Gwibber's evolution, cycle that witnessed a definitely interesting shift of Gwibber.

Started months ago with Ubuntu's Ken VanDine's exciting statement about the upcoming rewrite of Gwibber, the developers initially created Friends, a completely new, optimized, performance-wise under-the-hood service aimed at powering Gwibber (the interface).

Ubuntu 13.04's Unity gained interesting checked state for quicklists

Along with Unity Previews, faster Dash, new icons for lenses and BFB, Unity, across the Raring Ringtail development cycle, has received a serious attention on details, especially related to desktop behavior and user interaction.

Weeks ago, Unity gained enriched Unity launcher quicklists, meaning, having simultaneously opened multiple windows of the same application, exposes the name of those windows as Unity launcher quicklist entries.