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How to easily convert PDF files to EPUB and MOBI in Ubuntu 13.10

Across the colossal web, information is encapsulated in numerous content types, including books where EPUB and MOBI have gained a relevant place.

Yet, sometimes, the only format available for specific cases is PDF, versatile format being easily openable in Ubuntu, yet, not satisfying the user's at-that-moment requirements, scenario demanding a conversion from PDF to EPUB and MOBI.

Converting a PDF to EPUB and MOBI in Ubuntu 13.10 is as simple as:

How to select and enable GTK+ and icon themes in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default Ambiance and Radiance,--Light Themes--, as the default themes, GTK+ themes coming paired with Ubuntu Mono, in order to deliver a pack of pleasant visuals.

Yet, the user is able to install in Ubuntu 13.10 numerous and numerous third-party icon themes and GTK+ themes, therefore, enriching the desktop with new colors, shapes, design approaches, symbols, etc.

After installing the themes, the user is to select and enable the themes, action necessary for the themes to be actually enjoyed on the desktop.

How to remove apt cache, old kernels and unwanted packages in Ubuntu 13.10

Usually, after installing a fresh new Ubuntu, the user starts installing applications and updating the modern operating system, in order to benefit the latest versions of security fixes, utilities, browsers, etc.

Yet, the mentioned process accumulates packages that occupy a significant size on the harddisk, space that can be used for meaningful purposes, situation applicable especially to users having low-sized harddisks.

How to enable weekday, month and seconds on Unity panel in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu is a powerful modern operating system that comes with a sane pack of default applications, features and behaviors, defaults rooted in thorough tests performed on users, as well as generated by professionals.

Along with its features, Ubuntu contains a fully tweakable nature, too, allowing the user to add one's unique touch to the versatile operating system.

How to resize the Unity launcher's icon size in Ubuntu 13.10

Customization is an attribute of Ubuntu, quality permitting the hassle-free tweaking of its components, components ranging from Dash, Unity launcher to Unity panel, Alt+Tab Switcher and used icons and GTK+ themes.

By default, Ubuntu 13.10 ships an optimized size for the icons used on the Unity launcher, yet, sometimes, the user can greatly benefit from the (re)adjusting of the icons housing the Unity launcher, like for example, decreasing the size of the icons, in order to more accuratelly observe more icons at a single glance.

How to tweak and add virtual workspaces in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu delivers a customizable computer experience, allowing users to tweak the operating system to suit one's demands and computer requirements.

As a consequence, the user is able to enable/disable additional details on the Unity panel, change font sizes, install and use third-party icon and GTK+ themes, etc, essentially, users are able to tweak a significant portion of Ubuntu by simply utilizing clickable tools.

How to change the window-resize color in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu is a modern operating system used by users from all over the world, OS that comes with customizable look, feel and set of features.

As a consequence, the user is able to finely adjust Ubuntu, in order to push one's demands and requirements per-one's preference, tweaks touching Ubuntu from the Dash to Unity launcher, default applications, sizes, etc.

How to add icons to menus in Ubuntu 13.10

By default, using Ubuntu 13.10, the user is met by an optimized set of default applications, behaviors and functionalities, defaults empowering the user in digesting a powerful solid computer experience.

Ubuntu expresses its features as tweakable, as a consequence, users are able to modify and adjust the defaults with the help of intuitive user-friendly tools, such as Ubuntu Tweak.

By default, Ubuntu disables the icons from inside menus, meaning, right-clicking on the desktop, opens the right-click menu, menu containing only text entries and no icons.