precise pangolin

Compiz 0.9.7 landed in Precise Pangolin with an overall improved performance

Compiz 0.9.7

Another week, another step towards the already usual stability and overall improvements in Precise Pangolin.

After the launch of Ubuntu 11.10, there was a consistent amount of bugs related to Compiz, varying from issues like when VSync was enabled/disabled, maximize/minimize bugs, lost focus when maneuvering several windows, low frame rate, windows tearing and ending with an overall unpleasant Unity session, especially after numerous continuous hours of usage, regardless of the used drivers.

The new sound panel landed in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The sound menu has just been redesigned in Precise Pangolin, with a completely new interaction approach, marking the actual implementation of the last weeks' mockups.

Under System Settings-->Sound, the "old" Hardware category has been repositioned, the new categories featuring a more simplistic look, yet without any configuration loss.

The redesigned Nautilus 3.4 to probably land in Precise Pangolin in the next weeks

The new Nautilus

After the UDS Precise, the developers have started to create Precise blueprint, long-term objectives that are to be followed during the development cycle, although they can changeable and adjusted according to various factors (bugs, community feedback, insufficient time, etc).

In one blueprint, various developers agreed, at that moment, to use Nautilus 3.2.x in Ubuntu 12.04, due to its LTS nature and also to ensure stability on a five-year supported platform.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS receives new minor but relevant polish

The work on polishing details is definitely in progress in Precise Pangolin, landing minor bur relevant details for a pixel-perfect desktop almost every week of this development cycle.

In Ubuntu 11.10, there are some levels of inconsistency in terms of tooltips, some of them featuring rounded corners, others, on the other hand, lacking this detail (like for instance, Nautilus' tooltips).