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Bye, bye GNOME Search Tool

GNOME Search Tool

GNOME Search Tool/Search for Files is a handy, lightweight tool useful for searches in various folders, with a search area, a searched places dialog and clickable result (with option like Open with..., Move to Trash, etc).

Unity's Dash provides an advanced searching mechanism, helped by numerous filters (including size, sources, genre, etc), consequently, GNOME Search Tool (as a separate, individual application) has probably become redundant on the desktop.

Ubuntu's default virtual keyboard, Onboard 0.9.7, released with new themes, behavior enhancements and numerous bug fixes (Ubuntu 12.04)

One of Ubuntu's most developed applications is definitely Onboard, the default virtual keyboard, that adds serious new features with any release (especially starting with the 0.9.5 version).

Onboard 0.9.7 has just landed in Precise Pangolin, bringing new themes, smart behavior and UI refinements.

What is new in Onboard 0.9.7?

CompizConfig Settings Manager updated with attention dialog and fixed Unity plugin

CompizConfig Settings Manager contains lots of configuration settings applyable in Unity, thus becoming a relevant tool for various adjustments and tweaks, and, even though it is not a default application, due to its notoriety and enhanced Unity integration, the developers continue its optimization.

A new CompizConfig Settings Manager version is available in Precise Pangolin, bringing:

Ubuntu 12.04's sound theme :CALL FOR FEEDBACK (four sound selected)

Ubuntu 12.04

The Ubuntu sound theme-related CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS has been stopped, and, starting with today, February 15th, the developers have put together a list of four selected sounds, that are to be subjected to further feedback, needed for deciding which sound is suitable for Ubuntu 12.04's login experience (other sounds, like alerts, etc are probably to be developed later in the Precise cycle).

Ubuntu 12.04 receives option to hide Sound and Battery indicator via System Settings

The Sound indicator allows one to easily adjust the sound volume, play/pause a particular music player (there are numerous media players compatible with Ubuntu's sound menu), turn OFF the sound by middle-clicking on it, furthermore the sound menu contains a handy link to System Settings' sound panel, where in-depth configurations can be tweaked and adjusted.

Also, despite its functionality and discrete presence, there are persons who prefer a clean, simple Unity panel without the Sound indicator.

Unity Coverflow view to land in Ubuntu 12.04 if design parameters are satisfied

Unity Coverflow

A new eyecandy view is to probably be integrated into Unity, named Coverflow, a fancy draggable 3D icon view, that is to, on-demand, expose Dash's icons in an horizontal view, easily manageable by drag and scroll.

This totally interesting, fancy addition, Unity Coverflow, has been "conditionally approved", and, is to probably be included in Ubuntu 12.04 if it meets certain design-based parameters (according to Ubuntu's John Lea):