Opera 12 to feature native webcam support, improved gaming experience and more

Opera 12 demo

Different websites show us, almost daily, the advancement of web-browsers and what new fantastic capabilities will feature in the near future.

Under the motto "Web everywhere", the UpNorthWeb event present quite exciting yet to come enhancement in terms of web browsing with a strong focus on "people’s everyday needs to create something that feels new and different but also trusted and familiar at the same time".

Opera Next 12 "Wahoo" has been released with mainly bug fixes

Opera Wahoo

"Now, 8 days since Opera Swordfish is successfully hunting out in the deep, warm waters, with more than 32 000 000 downloads" a new development version has just been launched and made available to the public.

Opera Wahoo is the first snapshot of future Opera 12 (so, it can be named Opera Next 12), currently in a pre-alpha state that brings mainly bug fixes, "the fresh and juicy stuff coming a bit later".

Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight" released with a redesigned UI

Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight"

Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight" (a development version) has been launched with a clear focus on UI redesign and an express demand for "the user interface to match the speed of our rendering engine".

Opera "Featherweight" includes brighter colors for backgrounds and borders, a new toolbar icon set, padding and alignment improvements, as well as various tweaks (no more button borders in the address bar, the Home and Fast Forward buttons are now optional, etc).

Opera Next 11.50 BETA 1 released with improved Speed Dial, security enhancements and more

Opera Next 11.50 BETA 1

Opera Next 11.50 BETA 1 has just been released, bringing a polished and more stable version since its ALPHA.

This release improves the live Speed Dial (you can choose to show animated speed dials such as your local weather, currency converter, news feeds) and also fixes the previously buggy install process (Opera 11.50 ALPHA 1 was crashing on installing animated speed dial extensions).

Opera 11.10 BETA released with a redesigned "Speed Dial"

On a market that has many browsers with an accelerated release cycle (Mozilla Firefox is almost ready for its 4 final release and plans for version 5,6,7, etc have been announced, Chrome/ium reached 10 stable version and Internet Explorer 9 has just been released) Opera 11.10 BETA comes with new features in addition to what Opera 11 current version brings.

So, what's new in this release?