Opera 12.10 released

Opera 12.10

Usually, web-browsers offer (by default) a relevant set of features and functionalities, relevant in the sense of providing built-in support for consuming web content (Youtube clips, social media interactions, images, downloading archives, etc), furthermore, add-ons/extensions come to enrich their default features, allowing users to on-demand add a wide range of useful functionalities.

Opera 12.10 has just been released, strengthening its support for extensions.

Opera 12.01 released with bug fixes and security enhancements

Opera 12.01

Usually, users are more appreciative towards user interface improvements, probably due to their immediately visible and perceivable aspects, nevertheless, under-the-hood changes are always a proper addition to a fancy interface, enriching its beauty, speed, ease of use, etc.

Opera 12.01 has just been released, mainly as a bug fixes version, bringing numerous security and stability enhancements, that are to take the recently introduced features and eyecandy polish to a stronger, solid web-browser.

Opera 11.62 released

Opera web-browser

Opera 11.62 has been released, bringing stability improvements, as well as additions in the overall web-browsing experience.

Improved find in page (via Ctrl+F), optimized used resources, improved faster files decoding (such as JPEG), minor bugs fixed (fixed Facebook chat), as well as security fixes and enhancements, come, along with minor various tweaks, to contour the 11.62 stable version.

Opera 11.61 released with numerous bug fixes

Opera 11.61

Opera web-browser 11.61 has just been released with numerous bug fixes, version targeted mainly towards improved stability.

Various UI bugs have been addressed (crashes when clicking "Use master password to protect saved passwords", improved Star menu handling, proper zoom setting, etc) along with mail/news/chat various fixes (and more).

Watch flash-free YouTube clips in Opera with WebM Plus extension

WebM Plus

YouTube WebM Plus is a handy extension that allows Opera web-browser to play flash-free Youtube videos via the open video format WebM.

Furthermore, the extension adds Download Video option, meaning no need for other separate extensions in order to download various clips.

Youtube officially offers HTML5 trial for video playback and YouTube WebM Plus comes as an enhancements, activating the trial by default, thus eliminating the need for flash.

Opera 12 NEXT Wahoo updated

Opera 12 NEXT Wahoo

After last week's 11.60 Tunny, Opera has just released a new Opera 12 NEXT Wahoo, adding all the goodies of Opera 11.60 (new mail design, UI improvements, etc).

Along with the usual bug fixes, have arrived also hardware acceleration enhancements, after all, one of the main reasons behind Opera 12 Wahoo is the proper integration of hardware acceleration into Opera.