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Onboard 0.95.1, Ubuntu's default virtual keyboard, has a new awesome themeable look (Oneiric Ocelot)

When you have a broken keyboard or you just want to type with your mouse, Onboard, Ubuntu's default virtual keyboard, is quite handy.

Onboard is lightweight and easy-to-use tool, but had the same outdated look in the last Ubuntu releases and a new version, 0.95.1, brings an awesome fancy modern theme-aware UI, which transforms Onboard into and enjoyable experience not only for the hands (the fast response when clicking) but also for the eyes (the carefully chosen colors are a delight to watch).

What is new in Onboard 0.95.1?

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars have been redesigned in Oneiric Ocelot

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars

Right from the beginning, Oneiric's Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars gained an orange border and a slightly changed behavior.

The thumb has just been redesigned and Ubuntu 11.10 ALPHA 1 features now a less rounded almost rectangular thumb.

The Overlay Scrollbars 0.2.3 use now GTK+ colors (the overlay and the thumb will follow the GTK+ color) and support right to left locales, improved behavior/appearance on small scrolled windows (the thumb becomes smaller) as well as other optimizations and bug fixes.

Ambiance and Radiance updated for Compiz's Modal Dialog plugin (Oneiric Ocelot)

Weeks ago we talked about the "Slate Style Dialogs", a Compiz plugin that makes the parent (main) window blurry/darker focusing all the attention towards the children window (dialog).

The light themes have just been updated to version, bringing the "infrastructure" for this future Slate Style Dialogs/Modal dialog plugin, which is a new awesome look of dialogs, that clearly differentiate them from the main window (the actual Compiz plugin will have some sort of effect, transition, etc):

Oneiric Ocelot to probably receive a new icon theme

Oneiric Ocelot to receive a new icon theme

There is a possibility (the seriousness of this possibility will be clearer in the following weeks) that Oneiric Ocelot will finally have a new long-awaited professional icon theme by default.

Otto "Chaotic" Greenslade, Ubuntu & Canonical's "Visual Design Lead for Product", has just said on his Twitter account "I'm not making any promises for Oneiric. We're tackling the icon project from the ground up and the results will not disappoint" (he was asked by an Ubuntu user "Will we get a new icon theme in Oneiric?").

Gedit's quicklist improved in Oneiric Ocelot

Gedit's quicklist

Unity quicklists are handy 1-click away shortcuts to one's folders, desired actions, etc that have quite a limited usage in Natty.

Although it's still in ALPHA 1 stage, Oneiric has started to populate applications' quicklist with new interesting long-awaited entries, both static (doesn't matter if the app is running or not, the quicklist has the same entries) and dynamic (the quicklist's "extra" entries are generated only when the app is running like Update Manager's).