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GNOME-Sushi and GNOME-Contacts available in Ubuntu 11.10's main repos

The arrival of GNOME 3.2 brought numerous features in the UI field and also not-so-visible ones (bug fixes, improved accessibility, etc).

We presented GNOME Contacts few days ago in an "el fugitivo" mode due to its unstable/unusable nature, but, it seems, that the last days brought an improved, usable version of GNOME Contacts.

The look is simple but full of details to be filled with both formal informations (work fax, state, street, etc) and more private details (links to various site, notes, etc).

Ubuntu 12.04's experimental Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars available via PPA (Oneiric)

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars

Days ago, we announced the new feature of Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars designed for Precise Pangolin and, good news, its official PPA has been updated with the new release.

How do we install Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars 0.2.11?
Add the following official PPA (Oneiric)

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ayatana-scrollbar-team/release

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Unity 3D 4.22 removes the top-left Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu is a truly community-based OS where its users frequently reverts the developers' decisions.

Couple of days ago, Unity 3D introduced Ubuntu logo on the Unity panel which triggered confusion among users, confusion based on Natty Narwhal's behavior (if you want to launch the Dash, just press the Ubuntu logo in the top-left corner) and some sort of redundancy (the launcher already has an Ubuntu logo).

A new update to Unity 3D, 4.22 version, brings, along with bug fixes, the removal of the top-left Unity panel's Ubuntu logo.

Ubuntu Mono Font default now in Ubuntu 11.10

The Ubuntu Font family has gained a good-looking shape and landed in Ubuntu 11.10 with its Monospace flavor.

Although Ubuntu Mono (different from Ubuntu Mono icon theme) landed in Oneiric couple of days ago, just now, an update set the Ubuntu Mono as the default Monospace font, consequently it is being used by GNOME Terminal, Gedit, etc.

The default size is 13.

GNOME Contacts available in Ubuntu 11.10

With the official launch of GNOME 3.2 numerous users were expecting its goodies to arrive in GNOME 3.2-ready Ubuntu 11.10, goodies such as Nautilus-sushi (an extension that offers fancy previews for movies, pictures, documents, etc with fullscreen support by simply hitting the "Space" key) and Documents (a good-looking app specialized in documents' viewing, searching and organizing).

Ubuntu 11.10's boot speed reduced with 20 seconds

Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu Boot Speed has always attracted interest and there was a constant "battle" fought by the developers with time, aiming to less and less seconds spent on the boot process.

Ubuntu 11.10 features an improved optimized boot speed and, according to the QA page, the boot time has been reduced with almost 20 seconds, from 50+ seconds to 25+, meaning the desktop loads much faster now (as we can observe from the image, the blue-represented desktop load is the "winner").

Ubuntu 11.10 BETA 2 released

Ubuntu 11.10 BETA 2 has been released just now, marking the last step towards Ubuntu 11.10 final (October 13th).

What is new in Ubuntu 11.10 BETA 2?

  • Unity 3D experience has been greatly enhanced (Unity panel features now transparent control buttons, the Dash exposes the icons in bigger size, "Tab" key changes lenses)