How to add emblems to files & folders in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu's default file manager, Nautilus, brought important changes with the new 3.x version, among which the removal of emblems (small icons attachable to a file/folder).

Weeks ago, we presented a suite of handy Nautilus scripts with numerous functionalities, and, just now, the scripts have been updated to a new version, 0.3.7, adding Emblemizer, a tool to add emblems to files and folders in Nautilus 3.

Emblemizer performs in two separate ways:

SystemClean, lightweight system cleaner, updated to version 1.5

SystemClean has been updated to version 1.5 bringing new features and bug fixes.
What is SystemClean?
A BleachBit like script that can clean your system from unnecessary files(partial removed programs, apt cache, etc) without affecting the settings of any program.

How do we install SystemClean 1.5?
Download the package from here , unpack it, double-click on "Setup" and follow the steps.

How do we launch it?
Right-click on the Desktop/Scripts/SystemClean.

Where-is-this-icon, handy nautilus-script, updated

I usually change the default icons for shortcuts, launchers, etc and I often forget the path to that icons.
A small nautilus script, Where-is-this-icon, resolves this pain and tells you exactly the full path of the icon chosen for files, folders and launchers.
Where-is-this-icon has just been updated, bringing some bug fixes (rectify message if the launcher has no icon).

Browse/Open as root- little awesome nautilus-script

Remember gksu nautilus terminal command, type password and the time lost with it?
Now, all that it's gone with a help of a little script called Browse and edit as ROOT.
This script works with gedit to edit .txt files or with nautilus to open folders as root (for instance if you want to delete something from usr/share/themes).
The good part is that you type your password once and then you're good to go versus the "old" gksu nautilus command in terminal when you enter your root password always.

SystemClean 1.2 released with bug fixes


Remember BleachBit, the soft used to free space and maintain privacy?

Guess what?
A much lighter, easy-to-use, BleachBit like little program called SystemClean had just been updated to version 1.2, bringing log when the program is started and fixing some clear cache problems.

How do we install it?

Just unpack the archive, copy SystemCleam to .gnome2/nautilus-scripts (don't forget CTRL+H to see hidden folders) and then right-click on the desktop Scripts/SystemClean and follow the instructions.