Nautilus 3.10 landed in Ubuntu 14.04 with improvements

Ubuntu ships by default Nautilus, powerful file-management application featuring a polished look & feel with support for search-as-you-type and recent items, functionalities allowing the user to discover items.

Nautilus 3.10.1 arrived in Ubuntu 14.04 via the regular updates, replacing the now-obsolete 3.8.x version with a more up-to-date incarnation.

Ubuntu 14.04 made type-ahead default in Nautilus

In Ubuntu 13.10, Nautilus uses the search-as-you-type manner of searching through files and folders, modern manner that exposes in a matter of seconds matched search results from both visible folders and sub-folders; practically, search-as-you-type searches for items recursively.

In its past versions, Nautilus featured the type-ahead search, namely, searching for files and folders only within the visible files and folders, while completely ignoring the rest of the items contained in folders.

GNOME designers present new impressive Nautilus mockups

Ubuntu ships by default Nautilus, powerful file-management tool allowing the user to access, explore, open and manage folders, music tracks, USB sticks, etc, via a robust experience.

Across the latest cycles, Nautilus has traversed a vivid road, being shifted from its previous incarnations to monochrome sidebar, redesigned addressbar/pathbar, implementation of "cog" menu, etc.

Nautilus 3.8.2 landed in Saucy

Saucy Salamander will feature apps from the 3.8.x GNOME series, approach already being shifted towards completion with new and new GNOME 3.8 apps landing in Saucy.

After receiving the stylish ability to render desktop selection blocks with chameleonic colors, Nautilus 3.6.x has been updated to version 3.8.2 and landed in Ubuntu 13.10.

The main changes are under-the-hood code improvements and reorganizations, yet, the new Nautilus/Files comes with an increased size for its sidebar, refinement that expresses a more proportioned file manager.

New icons for Nautilus and Software Updater landed in Ubuntu 13.04

Attractive visual elements have been definitely considered by the developers in the Raring Ringtail development cycle, Ubuntu version receiving refreshed Unity Previews, refined Software Updater, new lens icons, beautiful Unity-style shutdown dialogs, etc.

Months ago, the developers shared (via launchpad) a small bundle of new icons, aimed at changing various desktop icons, effort progressively implemented in Raring.

Right-click empty document feature (re)added to Raring's Nautilus (desktop included, too)

Sometimes, there are minor functionalities that enhance one's workflow, minor abilities that feature a highly-useful attitude, allowing the user to start and/or continue various computer-related work.

In Ubuntu 12.10, right-clicking on the desktop, summons a menu, where the Create New Document entry presents itself as a 1-click away manner of creating a new document.