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ClassicMenu Indicator 0.0.3 released with support for icons and more (Natty Narwhal)

ClassicMenu Indicator 0.03

ClassicMenu Indicator is an Application Indicator ("appindicator") that acts like a classic GNOME menu, useful for people who don't like Unity Dash or just want a handy way to access their apps with one click.

ClassicMenu Indicator 0.03 has just been released, adding icons to the menus (no need for tweaks, etc), an appindicator monochrome icon and new entries in the menu (making it complete).

Easily get the new GNOME 3 animation in Compiz (Lucid, Maverick, Natty, etc)

If you are familiar with GNOME 3, you probably observed its new awesome animation (if you, for instance, open "Gedit" and click Help-->About, the new window has a really interesting "unfolding" from top to bottom).

If you use the compiz-based Unity in Natty Narwhal (or Maverick, Lucid, etc) there is an effect, "Burn", that, after some tweaking, "looks" exactly like the above mentioned effect.

4 clipboard managers perfect for Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal

If you edit a text file, modify a project or just wanting to keep an eye on your copied items, then, a clipboard manager is definitely a must.

What clipboard managers are "compatible" ("appindicator" support) with Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal?

Glipper-->uses its own icon, selection support (just select text with your mouse cursor, and Glipper creates a new entry), shortcut for pop-up, many useful plugins, full-fledged help


"Unity Books Lens" available in Natty Narwhal (via PPA)

After Askubuntu and Gwibber lenses, Unity has received another place/lens, Unity Books Lens, that allows one to search books over the net by simply typing in an author, preferred book, etc (Google Books) and read that searched books in Google Books.

The searched items are categorized in "Books" and "Focused Authors", and you can choose between "All books" and "Free books" (option available in its quick-list, too).

Unity 3.8.10 released with a "clicked" Home button and many bug fixes (Ubuntu 11.04 BETA 2)

Ubuntu 11.04 final will be launched on April 28th, and now we are witnessing the last efforts meant to generate a bug-free stable Natty.

Unity 3.8.10 has just been released, a release focused on stability, consistency and speed improvements.

So, what's new in Unity 3.8.10?

  • the Home button has a clicked state now, so it acts just like a regular button with "ON/OFF" state