Creative artist shares interesting Inkscape mockups

Inkscape is a powerful versatile editor that presents a massive amount of features into a filled-with-controls interface, tool featuring a professional-like level of functionalities.

Edit layers, flip objects horizontally, color filters, 3D boxes and export dialogs are among the features built-into Inkscape as intuitive and friendly, yet, it seems that creative artists have started an exciting movement on refreshing Inkscape's look & feel, creativity designed in mind with beautifying the solid application.

Third-party creative artist shares interesting Ubuntu-for-phones Primus concept

The Ubuntu universe is a vivid energetic environment where persons from all over the world are gathering in sharing passion, appreciation for freedom, tips, recommendations, as well as personal creations.

In the latter fits perfectly the Primus concept, too, namely, a third-party creation expressing a potential look of an Ubuntu for phones phone.

Creative third-party artist releases part 2 of the Unity launcher mockup

Launching applications, summoning running apps in Spread, accessing commonly-used functionalities via quicklists, etc, are actions available via the Unity launcher, polished, intuitive and effective desktop component.

Furthermore, the Unity launcher attracted, since its release, numerous and numerous opinions, suggestions, demands, etc, overall positive feedback sometimes paired with creative mockups.

Epiphany Web Browser sees interesting mockup

Via Ubuntu Software Center, the user is able to install Epiphany, lightweight, simplistic yet effective web-browser.

Starting months ago, Epiphany has been (and it is) subjected to a serious redesign process, gradually receiving both under-the-hood changes and visual refinements, including sped-dial like view, monochrome navigation icons, improved fullscreen mode, etc, basically, relevant enhancements.

Creative developer proposes interesting Unity feature

While enjoying Unity, the user is able to deal with, manage and access both active and non-active applications via the Unity launcher.

By simply right-clicking on a Unity launcher icon, users access the clicked app's quicklist, where useful entries are available, including the ability to launch a new instance of an application, open folders, performing actions, etc.

Furthermore, the Spread offers a handy manner of grouping running apps into a filling-the-desktop view, where the whole spectrum of apps are 1-shortcut away.

Creative third-party developer adds Previews to Unity 2D (mockups)

Ubuntu 12.10 introduced the Unity Previews, a handy elegant manner of exposing relevant content details directly into the Dash, furthermore, when right-clicking on items, shifting the full-of-icons Dash view to a dedicated Preview view.

As we can easily observe, Unity is a piece of software that has been adopted by millions and millions of users and, filtered through creative developers' hands, generated numerous and numerous lenses, mockups, should-bes, shouldn't-bes, essentially, a vast amount of both ideas and potential functionalities.

Third-party developer presents new modified Unity with numerous inside-of-the-Dash configuration options

Creative ideas are definitely an important aspect of a healthy community, creativity that can be used by people and/or teams of people to develop new and interesting applications, tools, utilities, interfaces, etc.

Furthermore, exposed creativity can generate feedback, helping the developer to adjust parts of the presented app, in & out movement useful to polish various corners of mockups/initially-released apps, etc.

Creative developer releases updated interesting LibreOffice UI mockup

Creating an ODT document, exporting a DOC as PDF, editing a slideshow, etc, are actions fully and easily performed via LibreOffice, a full-fledged versatile office suite, available in Ubuntu by default.

LibreOffice can be characterized as a software project where development contributions and additions are constantly landed, approach materialized in stable, filled-with-features LibreOffice releases.