Free open-source Minecraft-like game Minetest 0.4.5 released

Minetest is a free open-source game that gathers captivating gaming features into a Minecraft-inspired look & feel.

Among its features, there are powerful map generator (with 31,000 blocks in all directions), multiplayer support, dynamic lightning, etc, grouped inside a virtual world where the gamer is to build objects, while exploring the captivating landscapes.

Minetest 0.4.5 has been released, introducing numerous changes and improvements, such as:

Enter into the world of Minecraft via Unity Minecraft lens

Cycles ago, Unity landed in Ubuntu, presenting users an innovative, fresh and exciting method of launching, filtering, accessing, etc, applications, files, folders, etc.

Along with a solid usability, Unity has been constantly developed and enriched with new and new functionalities, presently, allowing developers to express creative ideas via the Dash, creativity rooted into (and limited by) developers' skills and ability to create, develop, incarnate ideas, methods, manners, etc.