mark shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth video-interviewed at GMIC 2013

Constant expansion is a quality heavily adopted by Canonical, expansion in the IT world,--where it has achieved a top position in creating and leading innovation--, expansion in the users' homes,--where it powers through Ubuntu 30 million users--, expansion in the world's most important events,--where it has become a natural presence--.

As fitting in the latter, there are GMIC and the OpenStack Summit, events where Canonical has been represented by a solid team, including Mark Shuttleworth.

Mark Shuttleworth to speak at GMIC about "the future of the open source mobile platform movement" and about "Open Mobile Platforms" at Mobile Monday (October 22nd and October 28th 2013)

Solid desktop, cutting-edge cloud technologies and the recently-released Ubuntu for phones are among the software pushed forward by Canonical, professional company setting itself as a serious player at a planetary scale.

Canonical has been characterized by determination and constant participation to important public events, latter rooting Canonical into the now's IT demands, requirements and state, as well as adding a layer of up-to-date to Canonical's expressing Ubuntu and related software.

Mark Shuttleworth about Core Apps' massive success: "WE made this, together. Wow, and thank you!"

Months ago, the developers announced Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, essentially, an official project rooted in creating a set of core applications aimed at Ubuntu converged, initially targeting phones, then following tablets and desktops.

File Manager App, Clock App, Shorts App, Weather App, Music App are among the applications created from scratch by a fruitful mix of creative third-party developers, Ubuntu developers and Ubuntu designers.

Mark Shuttleworth to attend and conduct keynote at OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong, November 5th - 8th 2013

By analyzing Canonical, the inquirer is to observe several attributes, among which vision, bold goals and according-to actions, attributes that have gradually positioned Canonical at the top of the computing world, where it is leading a significant portion of innovation spanning across all relevant form factors and computing environments.

Mark Shuttleworth turns 40 today, September 18th

Years ago, Mark Shuttleworth started the Ubuntu project, bringing into the Linux world a new original manner of creating, putting together, managing and sharing with the world an operating system where freedom, humanity and care-for-others are first class citizens.

Today, September 18th 2013, Mark Shuttleworth turns 40, young age permitting perhaps another 60 years leading the innovation in the IT world with the more and more popular Ubuntu, more and more polished Ubuntu, more and more adopted and cherished Ubuntu.

UDS started with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote

Hours ago, the in-progress virtual UDS started, bringing another bundle of interesting video sessions available for people all over the world.

Unity, Mir, app development, Juju, as well as plans, to-land features and cutting-edge discussions, are among the topics being covered in the next three days.

The August's UDS started with an introduction conducted by Ubuntu's Jono Bacon, introduction followed by the Mark Shuttleworth's keynote, online keynote offering an enjoyable perspective on things past, present and future.

Tomorrow, August 27th, starts Ubuntu Developer Summit with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote

Ubuntu Developer Summit is an exciting official event gathering numerous developers, professionals, company representatives, etc, into an open discussion, where plans, goals, approaches related to the upcoming months' Ubuntu development are presented and explained.

Months ago, the UDS was shifted to a video-based online attitude, therefore, users from all over the world are now able to hassle-free watch the video sessions and thus learn, find out about exciting upcoming features and major changes in Ubuntu.

Mark Shuttleworth about Ubuntu Edge: "We’re working to put it in the hands of 40,000 people, to start a revolution, and you’re there at the start"

People from across the world, mainstream media, social networks, companies, teams of developers have been deeply touched by Ubuntu Edge, superdevice starting a rapidly-growing movement across all layers of the IT world, pushing users and companies into dreaming about the future, while simultaneously bringing the future into the very now.

Behind Ubuntu Edge there is Canonical and a solid serious group of Canonical members working day and night to help the funders make the Edge a reality.