LightDM 1.7.8 landed in Ubuntu 13.10 with support for Mir sessions and greeters

LightDM is Ubuntu's default display manager, implemented and used across the latest Ubuntu versions.

LightDM 1.7.8 has just landed in Ubuntu 13.10 by default via the regular updates, introducing the exciting support for Mir sessions and greeters.

Probably, the mentioned support announces the upcoming arrival of Mir in Ubuntu 13.10, as well as extending LightDM's ability to handle the next generation of Ubuntu components, among which Mir.

How to make LightDM to display Ubuntu's default wallpaper at login regardless of the desktop wallpaper (Ubuntu 12.04)

Weeks ago, the new LightDM has landed, bringing in Precise Pangolin shiny new features and an overall polish in the login experience.

One of the new introduced features is its default ability to display, at login, as a background, the user's desktop wallpaper, a fancy features for most of us, but, there are folks who prefer to keep their wallpaper only for them and not displayed prior to the password typing, blocking unwanted eyes (especially on multi-users computers).

LightDM's Unity greeter has landed in Ubuntu 12.04 with user-specific wallpaper, bullets and more

One of the numerous Ubuntu's innovations is LightDM, a fancy interface that brings a high-quality login experience backed by accessibility features and indicators support.

The login experience is made available via a greeter, Unity greeter, which has just been updated to 0.2 version, transforming last-weeks' mockups into real code and adding consistent freshness:

LightDM receives new experimental 3D character-based greeter (Ubuntu 11.10)

Ubuntu 11.10's default display manager, LightDM, is definitely a piece of software with a great potential of customization, development and growth.

Robert Ancell, LightDM's creator, has just launched an awesome 3D greeter, Crowd greeter, which acts, looks and feels like a 3D character-based video game, and, basically, consist of a 3D model walking on your screen with your name on it.

LightDM's Unity greeter receives fancy polished look and feel (Oneiric Ocelot)

Oneiric Ocelot's default display manager, LightDM, has "suffered" a new redesign weeks ago, receiving an Unity-like theming.

Just now, new updates have landed in Oneiric adding more fancy-ness and polish to LightDM (Unity Greeter), transforming the login screen into an enjoyable experience that clearly aims towards consistency (same colors, textures, transparency, icons as the overall Unity look and feel).

What is new in LightDM 0.9.3?

LightDM + Unity greeter = Oneiric Ocelot's awesome default display manager

LightDM 0.9.3, Oneiric Ocelot's default display manager, has arrived to a point where one can just say "Woww".
After taking shape in the last weeks, just now, a new update brought Unity greeter (landed in Oneiric weeks ago, but not as default) as LightDM's default greeter with an awesome polished interface, which holds in the same time plenty of functionalities.

In the top-left corner we can see the computer's name