Ubuntu 13.10 gained minor-yet-interesting visual improvements

Care for detail has been a constant focus of the developers, care for detail observed in numerous Ubuntu areas, details having the capacity of increasing the level of good-looks and perception of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu's Light Themes have been updated in Ubuntu 13.10 via the regular updates, bringing several refinements aimed at optimizing their look & feel.

Basically, Ambiance has been enriched with a consistent more-pleasant toolbar, presented now with the same dark color, yet not being disturbed / improperly contrasted by faulty light lines.

Ambiance and Radiance updated in Ubuntu 13.10 with minor yet visible addition

Ubuntu,--stable, LTS and development release--, uses by default Ambiance and Radiance, Light Themes allowing users to enjoy the desktop through a light and/or dark experience.

Days ago, Ambiance and Radiance have been significantly enriched with consistent toolbars, essentially, being expressed with fully-colored looks and, therefore, presenting GTK+3-based applications with a more pleasant-to-the-eye look & feel.

Ubuntu 13.10's Ambiance and Radiance updated with visual refinements

In Ubuntu 13.04, various apps come with a faulty theming, minor-yet-noticeable visual details that add an unfinished look & feel to several GTK+3 applications, among which Nautilus, Evince, System Settings, etc.

Ubuntu's default themes, Light Themes, have been updated in Ubuntu 13.10 to a definitely interesting release, introducing support for dark toolbars and menus in multiple GTK+3 applications, therefore, significantly increasing the good-look of the desktop.

How to "fix" Radiance's white menus in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04's Radiance and Ambiance adopted a new visual approach (as compared to Ubuntu 11.10) in terms of menus, meaning the menus have now a white look if they are generated by a white source and black if they are generated by a dark source.

The user visible consequences are white right-click menus on both Ambiance and Radiance, visuals that are not "digested" by various users, who tend to use, in their daily workflow, GTK+ themes with one-color per menu (right-click menus), finding the viceversa inappropriate.

[Quick Tip] How to remove the custom GTK+2 Ambiance and Radiance shadow


GTK+2 Ambiance and Radiance feature properly-assigned shadows, but, by design, they are differently allocated, meaning, the menus' shadows are smaller than nautilus'.

The reason is that Ambiance and Radiance have in their configuration files different shadow-ing, but, fortunately, this is quite easy to adjust.

CompizCpnfig Settings Manager-->Window Decoration lets you adjust the shadow's radius (its size), opacity (the shadow strength), but Ambiance and Radiance can't be affected by this method.