Beautiful monochrome icon theme Sifr available for LibreOffice 4.2 RC with numerous icons and support for Writer, Impress, Draw and Calc

Incredible is an accurate term that has been describing LibreOffice across the latest years, free open-source office suite reaching peak after peak into a magnificent display of features, collaboration, meritocracy and an overall irrevocable evidence of how free open-source software can deliver to mankind at least the features, stability and professionalism that its proprietary counterpart contains.

LibreOffice Writer removes the since-2003 16-bit limit for paragraphs

It has become nowadays natural to use LibreOffice, normality coming instantly in the user's mind when seeking a no-compromise, powerful and fully-open office suite, LibreOffice being at least equal to its proprietary counterparts.

LibreOffice's Caolan McNamara published an interesting article, announcing the long-paragraphs support for LibreOffice Writer, essentially, enabling in Writer the ability to have paragraphs featuring more than 65535 characters.

LibreOffice developer presents 7x speed increase for spreadsheets with AMD's new Kaveri APU

Ubuntu ships LibreOffice by default, professional office suite rooted in innovation and an overall fruitful development road, LibreOffice already achieving a no-compromise stage in terms of features, file-format support, openness and robustness.

LibreOffice is composed from several sub-components, among which Impress, Writer, Draw and Calc, latter massively used for creating spreadsheets by users, companies, teams and governments with a wide and diverse range of hardware types.