Unity Reddit lens 0.3 for Ubuntu 11.10 released

Unity Reddit lens

For many of us, Reddit is a wonderful place to ask question and receive answers about various topics, usually via the web-browser.

Unity Reddit lens is handy way to view/filter/search our preferred interest (such as Ubuntu, Linux, Gaming, etc) in a fancy fast lens with Reddit's usual "What's Hot", "Controversial", "Top".

Unity Askubuntu lens 0.2 released with support for Oneiric Ocelot

Unity Askubuntu lens

One of the best places to ask Ubuntu-related questions is www.askubuntu.com, where numerous folks unite their effort and knowledge trying to help newcomers.

Askubuntu lens 0.2 has just been released bringing support for Oneiric Ocelot.

How do we use it?
Enter a desired word in the search area and click on the results or just select a tags/users, all of is filterable through a numerous set of filters.