Unity Torrents lens released with piratebay scope (Ubuntu 11.10 & Ubuntu 12.04)

Daily now, it seems more and more obvious that Unity is becoming a proper place where one can search & access numerous and interesting items, like files, folders, online music, clipboard entries, weather, appointed events, social interactions and much, much more.

A new lens has just been released that integrates the complex world of piratebay directly into the Dash, letting the user to easily search and open a particular torrent.

Unity Calendar lens 0.1 displays Evolution's Calendar events (Ubuntu 11.10 & 12.04)

Unity Calendar lens

Unity Calendar lens is a handy way to search & access your Evolution Calendar events directly from the Dash.

Currently, it only supports Evolution (which has been dropped from Ubuntu's default install), but its coverage can be easily enhanced with, for instance, a scope for Ubuntu's default email client Thunderbird.

The used icons have been picked with productivity in mind, there are icons specific to each day of the month, so, when one searches a previously recorded event, can handy observe the exact date of a particular event.

Unity Utilities lens adds calculator-based features to Unity

Unity Utilities lens

The Dash can be used in various interesting ways, such as searching&accessing files, folders. online music, applications but can be greatly enhanced by adding extra lenses and scopes.

Unity Utilities lens is focused on mathematical operations sent to GNOME Calculator, then the result is displayed in the Dash.

In order to make this lens functional, the Calculator scope (datasource) must be installed, after that can easily handle numerous mathematic operators such as -, +, *, /, %, sin, cos, tan, etc.

Unity Gwibber lens 3.3.1 released with user accounts filter (Ubuntu 12.04)

Unity Gwibber lens

Ubuntu's default fancy social networking client, Gwibber, has been updated to version 3.3.1 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, bringing numerous bug fixes.

Along with stability improvements, the 3.3.1 also comes (not by default) with extra functionality for Unity Gwibber lens, that is now capable to filter the searched&displayed items by user accounts (Twitter, Identi.ca, etc).

How do we install Unity Gwibber lens 3.3.1?
Type in a terminal

Unity Askubuntu lens 0.2 released with categorized questions (Ubuntu 11.10)

Unity Askubuntu lens

Unity Askubuntu lens is a quick and handy tool to search and manage relevant questions&answers from askubuntu.com, a site focused on solving various Ubuntu issues and familiarizing users with its values, solutions, applications, etc.

Unity Askubuntu lens 0.2 (-49) has been released bringing extra functionality to the overall topics maneuvering, in the sense that questions are now properly categorized in Questions With Solutions, Questions With Responses and Question Without responses.

Install Clementine, Guayadeque and Rhythmbox scopes in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot (PPA)

Ubuntu 11.10 introduced scopes, useful for providing data sources to lenses, meaning the more scopes a lens has, the more search result you will get

By default, Unity's Music lens allows one to search only for Banshee's music (Banshee is a scope for the Music lens) including songs from Ubuntu One Music Store.

Clementine, Guayadeque and Rhythmbox can also become scopes by simply installing the appropriate packages.

Unity Bliss lens introduces into-the-Dash view (Ubuntu 11.10)

Unity Bliss lens is an alternative to Unity Applications lens coming with a different approach.

If, in Unity Applications lens files are globally displayed (but categorize-able by filters), the Bliss lens introduces an "old" GNOME 2-like approach and organizes the apps in category folders (Accessories, Developer Tools, Games, Internet, etc) in the like of more traditional users.