Add economy into the Dash with Unity Stock Ticker lens

Unity Stock Ticker lens

Unity Stock Ticker lens is built with economy in mind, useful for finding not only various tickers (economic symbols) but also interesting items relevant for global day-to-day financial perspectives.

The searched items can vary from words like gold, bac (Bank of America) or Bank of England, the results tend to offer financial graphs and related article from prestigious online publications (opened in your default web-browser).

Add Flickr and Shotwell photos to the Dash via Unity Photo lens

Unity Photo lens

One Hundred Scopes is am amazing, productive project that aims to produce and deliver scopes and lenses in order to enrich Unity's functionality, adding features suited for numerous tastes, needs and desires.

An interesting detail is the fact that, it seems, the project tries to sustain its name (one hundred) literally, probably continuing this productive road, thus properly touching a large range of user types.

Unity Photo lens brings photography management in the Dash, combining both online and offline/local sources.

Unity Calendar lens updated with time range filter (Thunderbird support via add-on available)

Unity Clendar lens

Unity Calendar lens providers easy access to one' Evolution-based events via the comfortable Dash.

Weeks ago, we presented this lens mainly as an Evolution only tool, nut, just now Unity Calendar lens has been updated to another interesting release, adding to its filters "Time Range" (Today, 7 Days, 30 Days, 90 Days), obviously, for a better event filtering, especially when there are numerous events.