Unity Gwibber lens 3.4.1 gained monochrome category icons (Ubuntu 12.04)

Unity Gwibber lens

Gwibber, Ubuntu's default social client, has gone through various optimizations and enhancements in the Precise Pangolin development cycle, culminating with a more appealing and fast application.

Usually, after an Ubuntu version is launched, shortly, via the Update Manager (for the default apps), applications are receiving fixes and improvements, updates that could not been landed in time for the final release (due to limited development time, etc).

Unity Wikipedia lens adds thumbnail support

Unity Wikipedia lens

Search an author, see a particular book's details, learn about the history of Ubuntu, etc are actions that can easily be searched, filtered and accessed via Unity Wikipedia lens in the comfort of the Dash.

Unity Wikipedia lens has been updated to another interesting release bringing a minor yet relevant change, meaning the searched and found items are now displayed with thumbnails, thus allowing users to handy identify items' relevance, in the sense of discovering if that particular item is in concordance with its searched intent.

Add Wikipedia into Precise's Unity with Unity Wikipedia lens (PPA available)

Wikipedia lens

The Dash is a place, in Ubuntu, where developers are exposing various information types, ranging from clips, images, text files to Flickr items, askubuntu questions, Tomboy notes, clipboard entries and more.

Unity is a suitable place to receive creative efforts, that are to help users to find relevant answers by simply typing a word, fact proven also by the Unity Wikipedia lens.

The above lens' usage is as simple as typing a desired word and clicking on the relevant found item (action that will open it in the default web-browser).

How to create a Wikipedia lens (official tutorial)

Wikipedia lens

Ubuntu's Unity lenses provide an easy-to-use fast way to gather, explore, search and open a multitude of contents both from the local computer and from numerous online web places.

The developers, along with the official documentation, are creating interesting useful "info sources" from where users to create, understand and master how, why, where of the Unity lenses.

Access help via Unity Manpages lens (Ubuntu 11.10)

Unity Manpages lens

Providing solid documentation useful for successfully master the basics, Yelp, Ubuntu's default help application, is a fancy rich tool that delivers a modern, web-browser like experience with links, images and properly colored titles.

Yelp can be accessed via the Dash and searched-through or via the just launched Unity Manpages lens.