Enable VPN connections with Unity VPN lens

VPN (virtual private network) is a handy technology, that allows users to connect computers to remote computer networks via a secure connection, resulting in numerous use cases, such as the ability to access numerous resources (printers, databases, files, etc) on remote networks.

In order to add a VPN connection, navigate to Unity panel's Network Indicator-->Edit Connections-->VPN-->Add, followed by entering the required connection details.

Access accurate academic informations via Unity Academic lens (Zotero scope included)

Unity Academic lens

Accessing weather informations, opening creative expressions from deviantart, downloading torrents, hassle-free accessing one's browsing history, etc, are actions already successfully implemented in Unity via specific lenses, usually shortening the amount of time spent for getting the same functionalities and immediately answering to one's basic online needs.

Access Elder Scrolls's Wikia world via Unity Elder Scrolls Wikia lens

Unity Elder Scrolls Wikia lens

Shooters, strategy, puzzles, etc, are game types enjoyed by millions and millions of users across the internets, games that feature both young and time-endurance approaches, users playing both recent new games and "old" games, latter types that usually "attract" series developed across years, series backed, developed, enjoyed, etc, sometimes, by users, fans creating a massive amount of informations, character descriptions, "global" likes and dislikes, characters' powers and strengths, the most...

Unity Wikipedia lens landed in Ubuntu Software Center

Unity Wikipedia lens

World wars, up-to-date operating systems, best 1900's novels, world championship football winner, etc, are informations available on Wikipedia, where users, across the world, are constantly searching accurate informations, search usually performed via the web-browser.

Navigate through Amazon stores with Unity Shopping lens

Unity Shopping lens

Tablets, smartphones, books. clothes, TVs, etc, are items purchased by million and millions of persons across the world, and, following the massive growth of the Internet, numerous stores have moved towards the virtual "space", gathering, under prestigious widely known and used names, millions and millions of items, categorized, described, reviewed, etc, that are pushed towards consumers via the web.

Create and manage events with Unity Calendar lens 0.3

Unity Calendar lens

Going to school, running a business, learning a skill, taking classes, adopting a tight/organized way of life, enjoying various Internet shows, following a football championship, etc, are actions, usually labeled as events, that demand a schedule comprehending both recent/at-the-moment and future sketched planning, approach that is to enhance one's "workflow".

Unity News lens adds relevant filters and geolocation support

Unity News lens

We are living, aren't we, in a world dominated by knowledge, where daily news (term defining "bits" of interest for human beings covering sport, technology, politics, banking, etc) definitely have a special, relevant place, both for people focused on their particular city, country and also users deeply-rooted in what is happening in the world on a daily bases.