Enter into the world of Minecraft via Unity Minecraft lens

Cycles ago, Unity landed in Ubuntu, presenting users an innovative, fresh and exciting method of launching, filtering, accessing, etc, applications, files, folders, etc.

Along with a solid usability, Unity has been constantly developed and enriched with new and new functionalities, presently, allowing developers to express creative ideas via the Dash, creativity rooted into (and limited by) developers' skills and ability to create, develop, incarnate ideas, methods, manners, etc.

Unity Utilities lens adds handy wordnik-based Dictionary scope

Words play, aren't they, an important role in our global society, words used in a massive amount all over the world, in places like the web, schools, work areas, etc.

Being a native English speaker or not, one deals with numerous words with numerous meanings, occasions when a versed dictionary is needed, both explaining the basic sense and also various "secondary" meanings, latter facet that, at least across the internets, sometimes plays a more relevant role than the word's basic connotation.

Having ideas about new Unity lenses? How about sharing them with interested developer?

Lens ideas

Unity Torrents, Unity Help lens, Unity Askubuntu lens, Unity Wikipedia lens, etc, are lenses available (via PPAs) for Ubuntu, lenses that gather and expose a wide range of item types and functionalities.

Nevertheless, where there are millions of users, there are numerous tastes, preferences, desires, etc, needed to be covered in order to satisfy users' use cases/demands.

Search GitHub's users and repositories via Unity GitHub lens

GitHub is a massive software repository, featuring more than 3,900,000 repositories managed by more than 2,200,000 people, projects ranging from simplistic to complex software, such as reddit, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Unity GitHub lens is a fast effective lens, that harnesses and exposes the massive database of GitHub into the easiness of the Dash, allowing the user to hassle-free search, locate and access preferred topics in a matter of seconds.

Easily access virtual machines via Unity VM lens

VirtualBox is a handy powerful utility, that allows the user to install operating systems inside one's actual production machine, thus the user is able to test, run, learn about, access specific apps from various OSes, etc.

After an OS is installed as a virtual machine, searching a specific virtual machine is to be performed by opening VirtualBox and locating the searched item, actions followed by further clicks (necessary to open the actual OS).

Unity VM lens is a useful lens, housing virtual machines created via VirtualBox in the "warmth" of the Dash.