Access PuBmed, Google Scholar and JSTOR with Unity Academic lens

We are dealing with and using, aren't we, knowledge in order to complete projects, research concepts, build ideas, create work-related items, etc, knowledge expressed across the internets in multiple forms, flavors and understanding levels.

It seems that sometimes we need specialized informations, knowledge created by scientists and professionals, in order to grasp, edit, point out accurate parts of life, such as highly-detailed theories, massively-measured reports, in-depth researched studies, etc.

Access movie details, know actors and play trailers via Unity Movie lens

After work, school, finishing a project, etc, movies are definitely a way of relaxing ourselves, artistic expressions that, especially nowadays, feature a wide and diverse range of topics, such as comedies, thrillers, fantasy, etc.

The Web is a rich source of movie details, including pictures, actors, cast, money budget, descriptions, etc, details usually searched by users in order to select a movie and/or decide if going to a theater to watch a specific movie, as well as for broadening our knowledge on what, who, where, why, etc, related to the film industry.

Easily translate words via Unity WordReference lens

Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, etc, are languages used all over the world, languages that help human beings to organize, shape, create, manage, improve, etc, the society in which we live, as well as our very existence and possessed knowledge.

Nevertheless, there are internationally-used languages, spread languages that unite human beings in the act of communication, bridges of human cohesion.

As we can easily observe, English is used by millions and millions of people, powerful language used on the Web, books, news, etc.

How to easily enable a third-party lens to respect Unity's online-search default approach

Unity offers (by default) both locally-based and online search results, meaning, typing a word in the search area (under places like Dash home, --being summoned by hitting the keyboard's Super key--), exposes (as matched results) local images, local video clips, local previously-installed applications, as well as items from Amazon (such as available-for-purchase tablets, processors, etc) and Ubuntu One Music Store.

How to easily add preferred keyboard shortcuts to Unity lenses

Ubuntu ships by default Unity, a powerful, polished and full-of-functionality interface, interface that incorporates a top bar (Unity panel), an intuitive user-friendly launcher, etc, as well as the Dash, fancy overlay that houses lenses.

Ubuntu comes (by default) with numerous lenses, presenting the user a wide range of functionalities, such as accessing applications, searching for files, observing the latest accessed images, playing music tracks (directly from the Dash), locating Twitter tweets, etc.

Browse files and folders via Unity Filesystem Tree lens

Locating a file, opening a folder, exploring a certain folder, visualizing music tracks available in a specific location, etc, are actions usually performed via a file manager (such as Nautilus), application that allows the user to easily browse files and folders.

It is a fact that Unity, along with a powerful default official set of functionalities, gathered (and is gathering) multiple exciting qualities/attributes from creative third-party developers, qualities that may be perceived as natural-in-use (once they are implemented).

Unity GitHub lens 0.3 released with Previews and direct repo cloning

GitHub is a massive collaborative online place that contains a wide range and amount of software, presently, hosting 4,559,175 repositories (like vmware, Facebook, reddit, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc) developed by 2,725,886 developers.

Unity GitHub lens is a handy lens that gathers, categorizes and exposes GitHub data into the Dash, basically, presenting itself as a fast, intuitive and effective manner of accessing GitHub software.

Unity Stock Quotes lens 0.7 released with Previews support

Stock quotes are the listing of representative bid prices and asked prices for a particular stock (traded on a specific exchange during a certain trading day).

Stock prices are quoted in percentage points and "in increments of 1/8 ths of a point" ("in the US, each point equals one dollar, and each increment equals 12½ cents").

Unity Stock Quotes lens is a handy lens that transforms the Dash into a financially-oriented entity, in the sense of uniting the versatility, experience and up-to-date state of Yahoo! Finance with the easiness, clarity, and clickability of the Dash.

Unity Cooking lens 0.2 released with new data sources

Pizza Apollonia, Pizza Toast, Homemade Hamburger Pizza, Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Pizza fina crujiente de pavo, Masa de pizza de atun, etc, are pizza or pizza-based types described across the internets.

Due to various online places (specialized in recipes), food-related informations are discussed, explained, improved, adjusted, etc, process that gathers food recipes from across the world.