NITRUX icon theme 3.1.7 released with new icons

NITRUX is an eye-catching icon theme that features more than 6,000 icons rooted in colors, flat shapes and monochrome icons.

Enabling NITRUX, populates windows with square colored icons, while beautifying toolbars with minimalist monochrome icons, contrast generating elegance on the desktop.

Moreover, due to NITRUX's square nature, its icons properly fit into the Unity launcher and inside the Dash, where their carefully-crafted patterns, colors and shapes are clearly presented and encapsulated into the selection area.

Moka icon theme 1.0 released with improvements

Moka is an interesting icon theme featuring pleasant elements and a calm, quiet and clean look & feel.

Moka uses light-yellow colors for its folders, yet expressing toolbar icons with monochrome icons, monochrome icons adopted by the Unity panel, too, visuals generating elegance and minimalism on the desktop, while the shadowed icons,--used for files--, spice up the housed-by applications.

Compass, eyecandy icon theme

Compass is an eye-catching icon theme that follows richly-expressed colors, eyecandy patterns and pleasant-to-the-eye shapes into an interesting visual approach.

Essentially, the Compass icon theme adds sweetness to the robust Unity, increasing the desktop's color level with numerous and diverse color tones, ranging from yellow to blue, green and pink, imprinting into the versatile Unity a tropical vividly-rendered layer.

Sphere icon theme 1.3 released with 4,000 refreshed icons

Ubuntu is a vast and colorful ecosystem where creativity is expressed through both traditional and bold patterns, approach pleasing and satisfying numerous tastes and preferences.

Sphere is a creative non-traditional icon theme that presents its icons as round containers similar to spheres, generating an intersecting feel on the desktop.

The Sphere icon theme encapsulates (for example) applications into transparent circle containers, adding individuality and stand-alone nature to every and every application.

Interesting icon theme Sphere 1.2.5 released

Sphere is an interesting icon theme featuring a massive amount of icons, designed in mind with eye-catching shapes and original patterns, resulting icons where high-density of visual details is a first class citizen.

Essentially, the Sphere icon theme combines round icons with rectangular icons, expressing its set of icons via a double-sided approach: on one hand, there are numerous applications rendered with round looks, on the other hand, there are rectangular icons used for file types, actions, etc, overall contrast generating freshness and clarity on the desktop.

Plateau, flat minimalistic icon theme

Plateau is an interesting icon theme, featuring a significant number of icons rooted into a flat look & feel paired with vivid colors and pleasant-to-the-eye shapes.

Installing the theme, the user is to notice square icons mixing readable identities with cartoon-ish patterns; the result: good-looking icons properly fitting into the desktop, Unity launcher, the Dash, etc.

The vividly-colored icons are interestingly contrasted by simplistic folders, contrast imprinting minimalism, while elegant and chic, into the desktop.

Moka icon theme updated with new icon style

Moka icon theme is an interesting icon theme recently introduced in the public space that centered pleasant-to-the-eye icons with a focus on simplicity and clean patterns.

It seems that Moka has been redirected to another visual style, completely changing its icons with refreshed icons.

The new Moka theme comes with square icons and shadowed borders, while mixing bold color tones, prominent shapes and an overall warmer more-friendly attitude.

Ubuntu Mobile Icon theme updated with new icons, reaches 200-icons stage

Phones and tablets are to receive in the future the pure Ubuntu operating system filtered through a touch experience, projects developed under Ubuntu Touch's umbrella.

Along with numerous, exciting and impressive constantly-landed features in Ubuntu Touch, the developers have created an icon theme (work in progress) designed with the touch OS in mind.

Labeled as Ubuntu Mobile Icon theme, the basic set of icons groups fancy icons with pleasant-to-the-eye shapes and vivid colors, as well as monochrome-icons.