The new QML-based Gwibber renamed to Friends-app, available via Ubuntu 13.04's Ubuntu Software Center

The Raring Ringtail development cycle marks a relevant chapter in Gwibber's evolution, cycle that witnessed a definitely interesting shift of Gwibber.

Started months ago with Ubuntu's Ken VanDine's exciting statement about the upcoming rewrite of Gwibber, the developers initially created Friends, a completely new, optimized, performance-wise under-the-hood service aimed at powering Gwibber (the interface).

The new QML-based Gwibber received impressive refresh-content animation and monochrome icons

Days ago, the new Gwibber made its successful entrance into the Ubuntu world, bringing a completely new interface with smooth scrolling, fancy elements, animations, good-looking buttons, etc, a truly enjoyable experience.

Moreover, the new QML-based Gwibber is powered by Friends, a new solid under-the-hood service aimed at strengthening and optimizing Ubuntu's overall social experience.

It seems that the development on the new Gwibber continues, social app receiving new and new features and improvements via its official PPA.

The new QML-based Gwibber presented with Twitter, Facebook and identica support

Recently, the new Gwibber has been made available via its official PPA, allowing users to enjoy, test and discover its functionalities, smooth scrolling, fast speed and modern actions.

Essentially, the new Gwibber has been created with QML, while powered by a solid under-the-hood Friends service, mix that takes Ubuntu's social experience to a powerful, optimized and beautiful stage.

The QML-based Gwibber comes with already-present features, service support and desktop integration.

The new QML-based Gwibber available via PPA, comes with super-smooth scrolling

Gwibber has traversed, across the latest months, a road full of changes, improvements and optimizations.

As a consequence, Gwibber has been enriched with a new under-the-hood service, Friends, and a completely new interface, interface based on QML.

After various images presenting the new Gwibber with new elements, the QML-based Gwibber has landed in its official PPA, allowing users to enjoy its good-looking overall look & feel with fancy message-creation dialog, polished buttons, light color tones, etc.

Ubuntu's Ken VanDine about the QML-based Gwibber: "We'll get it uploaded to Raring after UDS" (video demo included)

Generally, users' opinions about Gwibber, Ubuntu's default social client, may be easily categorized into a basic saying: Gwibber comes with solid features and support for relevant services, yet, it has certain performance-related issues, especially slow scrolling.

Days ago, Ubuntu's Ken VanDine published exciting images with a QML-based Gwibber, pack of pictures labeled as "Meet the new Gwibber".

Meet the new Gwibber for touch-based Ubuntu

Starting with the recent announcements and public availability of Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets, the developers are progressively creating specific apps for a touch-based interface and/or shifting existent apps to a touch-friendly environment.

It seems that Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets are to feature Gwibber, too, Ubuntu's default social client that is to power the phone and tablet OSes' social interactions.